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A Whirlwind Tour Of The Most Popular Visual Social Media Channels

“The Ins and Outs of Pinterest and Instagram”

Over recent years Pinterest has become a huge success in which users are willing to happily spend lengthy periods of times searching through the variety of images that are constantly being posted.

Pinterest allows its users to create a number of boards. Again this is a highly visual social channel in which boards are made up of collections of images. Users will normally allocate a specific theme to each of the boards that they are creating. For example someone might have a board dedicated to beautiful beaches, a board dedicated to inspirational quotes and perhaps a wish list board of items / products that they would like to own in the future.

So where do they get these images from? There are numerous ways in which you can add images to your boards. For example you might search for images on Pinterest either by using keywords or by searching through the categories that Pinterest has created and then re-pinning these images to your own boards. Alternatively you can upload your own images that you might have or you can download a pin it button to your internet task bar and then pin any images that are of interest to you that you find online.

Many businesses are beginning to see the huge marketing opportunity that Pinterest is beginning to present. Therefore businesses are now beginning to create Pinterest accounts that are tailored for example to the products or services that they sell. By doing this businesses are able to market their goods to a whole new arena of people allowing them to drive additional traffic to their website when they provide links to their products or services underneath the image. Pinterest is therefore a great social media channel for raising brand awareness and increasing the amount of online conversions.


This social channel is becoming increasingly popular particularly with the younger generation. It is a highly visual social media channel whereby users post eye-catching and powerful images that have been edited users the filters that Instagram provides for free.

Underneath each of these images you will usually find a short caption or description. Within this caption you will often see words that have the # in front of them. This increases the images reach. As when people on Instagram search for one of these words that has a # in front of it they will be shown all the images that have been tagged with this.

A large number of businesses are beginning to use Instagram as a necessary tool within their marketing box as they recognise the power that visual images can have as we enter a period in which we do not have time to sit and read long copy advertising. Users are able to follow different accounts so for example someone interest in fashion might follow Topshop, whereas someone interested in fitness might follow a personal trainer. When users follow an account it means that they will be able to view all the images that someone might post, providing businesses a huge opportunity to increase their brand awareness and advertise their goods.

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