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Happy Holidays From WNW Design

We’d like to wish a Happy Holiday (Christmas, Solstice, or whatever else you choose to celebrate) to all our clients, suppliers and partner companies. Thanks for helping to make 2010 a great year! We’ve expanded the team again this year, with Glenn joining the sales team at the beginning of the year and Jack joining the development team more recently.

We also celebrated WNW Design’s tenth birthday in 2010, and as part of that we gave £100 to the ‘West of England School for the Blind’ for every new hosting client we took on during the year. We are really proud to have raised something in excess of £2000 for the school.

We endured quite a few months of noise and disruption as the Exmouth town centre developments laboured on, and meanwhile inside the office we utilised the wall space to completely remap our work process and input this into our management software. We took the time to revise our Disaster Recovery Plan, and put Social Media Guidelines into place for members of staff.

Not only did we continue to develop our eCommerce software ‘Mazurka’ with new modules and integration functionality (recently including eBay and Amazon) but we also redesigned and rebuilt our own website in same, and made efforts to become more Green and efficient by moving to email invoicing.

Our blog posts of note from 2010 include:

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We have great plans for 2011, and are looking forward to expanding and developing with the same success we have enjoyed in 2010!

We are finishing today at 1pm, and will be back in the office on January 4th. Over the Christmas period you can email us in an emergency here.

Have a great break, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2011!

~ The WNW Design Team

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