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The Importance of Social Media

The social media phenomenon has been gaining popularity all over the world.

It is no longer just for talking to friends or regaining long-lost connections – its importance for businesses should not be overlooked as part of corporate social media branding.

The social media account is no longer a “could have”, it’s a “must-have”. Nowadays customers don’t rely on newspapers, radio or TV advertising only, they are using the newest technology as it comes out, and more and more people are depending on the internet for what they want.

Follow Your Customers

The ultimate goal is to get leads and new customers, and social media provides an excellent opportunity for that. What needs to be done is fresh content added on regular basis as this is what drives other social media users to your account.

Statistics show than businesses that spend six or more hours a week using social media get 52% more leads than the ones who do not. (All research published here).

Companies using Twitter usually double their number of monthly leads in comparison to those who do not.
Recent studies show that 2/3 of internet users use social media.

Setting up a social media account not only will give you a better branding but also provide you great credibility by having online communication with your customers. Once your social media partners know you better, they’ll want to do business with you.

This also worked both ways – opening your company up to customer feedback can result in product improvements that can improve sales, and less guessing as to why your customer base may or may not be buying certain items.

A social media account is the best and cheapest way of introducing new products or services. Not only you can easily spread the news but also inform about the launch day and products price.

Another great feature is the possibility to share valuable content in many different ways. You can like blogs, articles and videos, which can assist with your Search Engine listings and also encourage more potential customers to follow your updates.

Showcasing your company or products via fan pages or groups that you can find on social media websites is another way to get your name out there and get some internet-based networking started.

How To Use Social Media

As in real life communication, people like it when you listen to what they’ve got to say. Therefore be authentic, ask questions. Of course, at some point it will be good to present what your business has to offer but be careful not to annoyingly repeat the offer over and over again.

There are many ways to build relationships online. Helping people solve their problems is one of them. The best thing about that is that it doesn’t even matter where in the world they are.

If you don’t feel confident enough to set up a social media account yourself, speak to our experienced Social Media team for a friendly advice.

Social media is not just a toy, it’s a powerful tool to help your business grow. You must, however, be respectful and careful with your actions to make sure you do not alienate or ignore customers, spam your followers or get your account blocked.
It is easy to get it wrong by pushing your products or services instead of introducing their value. Offering value means to get in touch with people who will actively want to buy your products or engage your services.

So make your online presence a helpful and informative one, providing clarity, conversation and information to those that are interested. Take advantage of the fact that social media has made the world much smaller and easier to reach, and with this world comes your customer base – make your business accessible to them and reap the benefits!

About The Author: Agnieszka Wach is the administrator and receptionist for WNW Design, and also assists the SEO team with website optimisation. You can email her at or phone her on 01395 542569. You can also follow WNW Design on Facebook.

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