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The Week's Office Discoveries

Liable as we are here at WNW Design to lapse into techno-inspired moments of office enthusiasm, we thought we’d share some of our recent internet discoveries with you.

SphereXP may turn out to be more aesthetics than practicality, but frankly we don’t care – we want our computers to look like something from a Hollywood movie and we will sacrifice practicality for it. This certainly does the job, itself a beta project still in the processes of creation, which successfully transforms your desktop into a 3D environment. Enabling you to move windows around in that space, organise your icons and swivel your view through 360 degrees, it’s an add-on for XP which no-one here has yet had the stomach to try out. Preferring to back up our data first, we’re playing it safe.

WordPress is now, as you can see, our new blog publisher. Customised so that you can go directly to blogs on the subject you’re interested in, a new layout and the ability to add comments. The comments and threaded replies caused the second flurry of interest in the office, as my colleagues and I exchanged a series of ever-increasingly ridiculous comments which all got forwarded to Phil’s email – much to his chagrin. The incriminating evidence has since been removed, and you are now free to comment on any of our posts here. If you make a comment, you can tick the box for alerts when you receive a reply, so you don’t have to keep checking the site (although you don’t really need that, seeing as you all spend your weekends browsing our site, don’t you?). Also don’t be surprised if your first comment doesn’t show up straight away, as the first one is moderated.

On a completely relevant note (we found it on the internet, okay? That makes it relevant!) we all spent a few hours boggling over the fact that Christopher Walken is running for presidency in 2008. Well, to be completely honest I spent a few hours boggling over the fact that two members of the office had no clue who Christopher Walken was, and then once we had his character established we moved on to the boggling over his campaign. Possibly the scariest presidential candidate ever, we’re not entirely sure what to think of the idea (‘run away’ comes to mind).

The last, more enduring squee of the week, goes out to our very own online shop which was soft-launched this week. BlueZeal, our new website for selling all kinds of outdoor equipment, sports and clothing, is up and running and open for orders. A prime excuse for us to be dealing with products we love, we have sections for surfboards, all-terrain boards, Kangaroo Poo clothing, Tiki gear and more. While the developers in the office have spent days working hard to get the site online, I’ve personally spent more time making a list of items I’ll be purchasing than I have working on the site. My insistence that we need one of each item in-office to test has fallen on deaf ears, so it seems I shall have to content myself with gawping at the photos of the Chopper Bikes for the moment, rather than using one to ride from my computer to the printer.

I dare say we’ll be back with some more links to share in a week’s time or so, and in the meantime it might be in my interest to get back to some real work.

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