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Why Is My Social Media Campaign Not Working

In my previous blog I wrote about the importance of setting up a social media account for your business. Now, let’s analyse the reasons why social media campaign are not always successful.

Some businesses set up their social media accounts and then don’t manage them correctly which leads to a great disappointment rather than success.

Let me list and analyse some of the most common reasons for that:

List of Reasons

1. The account looks abandoned – Some businesses get very excited about the possibility social media gives. They set up their account and… don’t do anything else about it, thinking it’s just a toy for teenagers. Wrong! Social media can be very successful bringing you high quality traffic, however the only condition is that it needs frequent updates so that it doesn’t look abandoned. It’s easy as the only thing you have to do is to write what you know best – what is happening with your business.

2. Lack of control – People tend to worry that they won’t be able to control what others (employees, customers, stakeholders) say online about their company, products and services. Can they control what is being said in real life then? With a social media account not only will you know when your products or services are criticised therefore change them, but also with its constantly improving features you can listen and monitor the online conversations. If you are willing to listen to feedback and attempt to turn a complaint into praise, you won’t have a problem.

3. Fear of the new – Although we like new gadgets etc, at the same time we are afraid of anything that’s new. However, any business owner knows they need to stay ahead of technology and customer habits, and if your company doesn’t occupy its space in social media then one of your competitors will.

4. Lack of time – You‘re too busy to go online. Do you realise 2/3 of the society use internet on daily basis? Your customers are there too! For a successful business online presence should be as natural as breathing or driving a car. If however you personally can’t spare any time at all, dedicate a suitable member of staff in your company or find an experienced company who’ll take care of your campaign on your behalf.

5. Liability – If you’re afraid that your employees will say something online that affects your company, there’s a solution for that: set up a social media policy! That will tell your employees clearly what expectations you’ve got towards them and allow you to avoid unpleasant situations.

6. No plan – Sometimes the social media marketing starts just as an experiment, which results in it not being included in the overall marketing plan. You need to set out your objectives and goals, how much time you aim to spend and what kind of content you will share, and what your aims are (to increase conversation, to increased sales, to increase leads?) and how you will measure this.

7. Financial resources – While social media sites are free of charge for participants, a good marketing campaign including them will require financial resources. In your planning determine a budget for your company’s social media presence.

Social media is a powerful tool in your business growth. If your campaign is not as successful as you expected, take some time to analyse the reasons for that – you may find some obvious areas where you can improve and start to build a successful business social media presence.

About The Author: Agnieszka Wach is the administrator and receptionist for WNW Design, and also assists the SEO team with website optimisation. You can email her at or phone her on 01395 542569. You can also follow WNW Design on Facebook.

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