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Growing your Following on Social Media

Social media is a form of digital marketing where a huge number of your audience, or potential audience, can be reached using a number of different platforms. Attracting these people, your ideal customers, to your social pages and using these to drive traffic to your website is key in allowing your social media strategy to […]

Social Media and your Brand – Why are These Platforms so Important?

Social media is often considered to be the foundation of any business’s digital marketing, it’s something that every business should be using. Whilst it’s something we always recommend to our client’s it’s something that many of us seem to struggle with and it can be hard to get right. Your social media strategy can be […]

How Can Effective Branding Benefit Your Marketing Strategy?

Branding is an important aspect for any business to get right, whether your company is small or large it is integral for your future as a successful business. We have covered more topics about your brand and the importance of creating a great brand in our previous posts which you can view here. Most businesses […]

Tips for Successfully Building a Brand as a Small Business

Most business owners are aware of the importance of branding, but not all are quite sure why this is so important for business. Your branding is your company’s identity; it’s not just a logo it is how your business is perceived by your customers but also by the general public and other businesses. Not only […]