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Steps for Creating a Great Blog Post

Many people say that blog is a voice of your company. It’s a place where new products or services can be introduced and interesting topics or market trends discussed. What’s more, a blog gives an opportunity for customer feedback and comments, and this sort of engagement results in more activity on your site, and benefits […]

Why Is My Social Media Campaign Not Working

In my previous blog I wrote about the importance of setting up a social media account for your business. Now, let’s analyse the reasons why social media campaign are not always successful. Some businesses set up their social media accounts and then don’t manage them correctly which leads to a great disappointment rather than success. […]

The Importance of Social Media

The social media phenomenon has been gaining popularity all over the world. It is no longer just for talking to friends or regaining long-lost connections – its importance for businesses should not be overlooked as part of corporate social media branding. The social media account is no longer a “could have”, it’s a “must-have”. Nowadays […]

How To Create SEO-Friendly Content For Your Website

Creating SEO-friendly content is, unfortunately, not an easy task. It will take time and energy but is well worth it. It is one of the main ways to encourage the search engines to list your website once it goes “live”. And also, the more your practice, the better your writing will become. First of all, […]

How To Write A Great SEO Article

Today’s blog is going to be about writing a unique and useful SEO article for your website. A well-written, SEO-friendly article means better rankings in search engines and this is what brings traffic to your website. And the more traffic, the better chance of making sales. Websites with poor or no content stand a much […]

Etiquette when contacting sites for a reciprocal link

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about link building and its value for the search engine optimisation of a website. Relevant links are a very important part of the search engine optimisation as they bring inbound links to the website. Once we have found a valuable link and added it to our links […]

Search Engine Optimisation: Link-Building

In my previous blog, I described one part of the SEO work – submitting websites to directories. Today, I’d like to present another way of getting inbound links – link-building. What Is Link-Building? Link-building, as well as listing in directories, will get your website inbound links. The more valuable links, the better, as your website […]

Search Engine Optimisation: Submitting Your Website To Directories

Being an administrator in a website design and internet marketing company does not mean dealing with admin tasks only. Apart from taking the usual phone calls, being first point of contact with the clients and completing various admin forms, there are also other, less admin-related tasks. Being an administrator for WNW Design does not mean […]