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Facebook Ad Formats and their Best Applications

Facebook is a great ad platform considering the fact that it supports multiple ad formats and types, dependent on the intended outcome of your campaign. Facebook Ads have one of the best reputations for creating highly engaging ads to drive people to convert. Designing your ads and ad placements depending on who you’re trying to […]

The Benefits of Facebook Ads

In a time where social media is becoming ever more popular and saturated with additional capabilities other than browsing, these platforms have proven to be a fantastic method to harness the power of advertising.  Facebook Ads in particular are known by businesses and advertising agencies everywhere due to their profound effect on audiences and the […]

Ignite 2019 Itinerary

Many of you will have heard that WNW Digital’s Managing Director Nigel is bringing you #Ignite2019, the marketing seminar based in Exeter specifically designed to help you reach your personal and professional goals.  Inviting 6 key speakers from Exeter businesses to share their insight and experience about all things marketing, this seminar is not one […]

Why is Call Tracking So Essential?

You might think call tracking is expensive, or the code installation looks tricky, or perhaps you weren’t even aware that dynamic website call tracking exists. Whatever your reasons for not doing call tracking, we can guarantee you should be doing it if you have a phone number on your website! (And on a separate note, […]

Measuring Success in Google Analytics

Measuring your success as a business is a great way to see how you’re performing and improve this from campaign to campaign. Google Analytics has a wealth of information, and it’s well worth finding your way around this tool to get the data that will definitively tell you how well your marketing is performing. As […]

Is Your Website Flashy or Functional?

We’ve all experienced clicking on a webpage for a business or company and being wowed by their design immediately. After a few seconds admiring the artistic elements and watching the integrated videos, we move on to finding the information we came for. Except we can’t find this.  It is incredibly likely that if you’re thinking […]

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