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Improve Conversion Rates by Creating an Online Community

Ecommerce and more recently Mcommerce is evolving at such a rapid rate that some companies are struggling to keep up with their competitors and as a result have seen their online revenue slump. A lot of companies will turn to a redesign of their site but with new websites popping up left right and centre […]

Nigels been Nominated for the Charity Supporter of the Month Award!

Our Managing Director (Nigel Wilkinson) regularly attends The Business Network SW monthly lunch events that take place in both Bristol and Bath. The events themselves provide a great opportunity to meet and create ties with a wide variety of decision makers from all walks of business life in the local area. While current business news […]

Does an Underperforming Ecommerce Site Require a New Website Design?

This is a very common reason to get a new website and can be a completely wasted opportunity to improve your business. Changes are clearly needed if your website is under-performing but you first need to find why it’s happening. If your ecommerce takings have suddenly slumped it might have nothing to do with the […]

Does a Re-Branding mean a New Website Design?

A re-brand is a very good reason to consider a new website especially if your brand or company message is going to change. In most cases a rebrand is considered to be on par with a new business startup so a new website design should definitely be on the cards. The emphasis here however is […]

What to Do if You Think Your Website Design is Out of Date

You can be forgiven for thinking your website is out of date if its graphics are old or the colour scheme reminds you of the original Tron film. For the same reasons you always want the latest model of your car the excitement of launching a newly designed website can actually over shadow the actual […]

How NOT to Get Advice on Your Website’s Design

When you work for a web agency you soon become accustomed to clients, friends and acquaintances wanting advice or guidance on their own website’s design and functionality even when you’re off the clock and often in the most random of situations. While some will beat around the bush most will cut to the chase and […]

Are the colours of your website’s design conveying the right emotional response?

We’ve previously discussed how colours in images can affect the coherency of a website’s design but this blog looks at what the colours themselves can mean to your visitors.They can give a website meaning, convey an emotion or demonstrate values before the user has even begun to read the main website content. They can create […]

Top Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls – Menus, Navigation & Links

There are so many top tip blogs and articles online that it can become confusing as to what’s right or wrong to do when it comes to website design. Hopefully this series of blogs will help you avoid the most common pitfalls and ultimately improve the overall quality of your customers browsing experience. This blog […]

The Pitfalls and Mistakes of Website Design and Layout

Continuing with our common mistakes and pitfalls of website designs this blog looks at a couple of tips and best practices for layout and overall website design. Browser Compatibility – This is a biggy. Like it or not you may have to sacrifice some design aspects to make sure your site runs smoothly across all […]

Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls When Courting Google

We all should now know that one of the keys to a successfully website is how its design, structure and content interacts with search engines. By optimising you website design and content you are in effect stroking Google the way it likes and in response it will push your site up the organic listings. You […]

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