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GDPR – Is your company ready?

The deadline for GDPR compliance is just over a month away and this may be the time that you start panicking if you aren’t prepared already. We know that running a business can be stressful sometimes let alone adding GDPR on top of this. Therefore, we have created a GDPR checklist for your business, these […]

GDPR – What are the requirements for the deadline?

It is extremely important for all businesses dealing with any kind of personal data to be GDPR compliant, and in order to be compliant you need to know what is required of you. That is why we have set out all the basic regulations that you need to be compliant with. These regulations will apply […]

4 Steps to Measuring the Success of your SEO Campaign

Measuring the success of your SEO campaign is vital for your website, the measurement factors allow you to evaluate where you campaign needs to be improved or what is working well for your website. SEO may seem more difficult to measure compared to an AdWords campaign for example, where you can clearly see your results. […]

Keywords and their effect on SEO

Keywords are a crucial part in being successful in your SEO. They allow you to focus your SEO efforts in one place whilst at the same time presenting you with a measurement for success – how well your website is ranking for those keywords. Google will start to understand what your website is about and […]

Https and the Impact it has on Security & SEO

What is it? Https stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, this is a secure version of http which is what most websites used to be. Previously https was only necessary if you had an ecommerce website or completed transactions online however, it is becoming increasingly important for every website to be on https. A […]

The Basics of SEO – What You Need To Know

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and in simple terms is the process of trying to improve the search engine rankings of a website. By achieving this you will increase the traffic to your website organically meaning these website visitors have not been paid for. Paid listings appear at the top of the searches as […]

WNW launches new website for AFA

WNW Digital have recently launched a new website for the Approved Franchise Association – AFA. We changed the layout and the design from the old website to suit the users’ needs more – this meant we made it clear what the website was for and how this business could help its target audience. We made […]

WNW launches new website for The Old Flower Field

WNW Digital have recently launched a new website for The Old Flower Field. The Old Flower Field provides luxury lodges and camping accommodation in Sussex. With this in mind, we really focused on the visual elements of this website, ensuring there are amazing images of the accommodation and the beautiful location. We used a fairly […]

How can you use Video Content in your Digital Strategy?

I’m sure you have got the message by now from our previous blog posts but… video content is so important for your digital marketing in 2018. It truly is very important for your business, but the most common issue preventing companies from starting: What do we create a video about? Well, the simple answer is, […]

Live Video and Social Stories – The Future of Digital Marketing?

Video content is more popular than ever but it seems like a new form of content is starting to take the crown from the traditional video content that we know and love. You have probably heard of Live Video and Social Media Stories, these are becoming increasingly helpful for improving your digital marketing and a […]

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