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Don’t Risk Losing Your Google Account – Check Your Security Settings

I am working with a client that has lost access to their Google account currently and it looks like they will not get it back, and I have encountered enough similar issues in the past that I felt the need to write a blog about this for our clients and anyone else that could benefit. […]


Can you Take Advantage of your PDF Content for SEO?

In short: yes. PDFs are generally not a terribly optimisable format – if you can have content in HTML format (a normal webpage) then you should. But sometimes content lends itself to PDFs; you may have products that have datasheets in that format on top of their product descriptions, or articles with images and particular […]

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 1st May 2015

Sophie is away on holiday this week, so I am stepping in to do the weekly round-up of interesting blogs from the internet! Here are the blogs I’ve enjoyed or found useful: Using The Right Keyword Can Make Or Break Your Website – Keywords are the true foundation of SEO, and this article explains some […]

Should You Buy a Keyword-Rich Domain for your Site SEO?

I’ve been asked this by a few clients recently, and the answer is yes. And no. The wording in our domain is just one small element that contributes towards your website listings. If your domain is spot-on but the rest of your SEO is useless or non-existent, you’ll get nowhere. If your domain is useless […]

Google's Top Position Isn't Top Anymore…

Google has gone through a lot of changes in the last year, and the front page of Search Results has undergone a slow overhaul which has resulted in the top three organic positions ending up lower down for some results and often eclipsed by some much more eye-catching results. The top positions are still pulling […]

Viewing Your Keyword Search Data

If you have been tracking what search terms people have been using to find your site (something you should definitely be tracking) then you will be aware that from November last year this data started to disappear at a fast rate. Google has been encrypting searches for a while now, but they are stepping up […]

Crucial SEO Aspects of Web Design: Site Loading Speed

Google’s aim is to provide the best resources to its searchers, and this includes listing websites that are easy and fast to navigate. So when Google spiders your website it takes note of how fast the pages are loading, and will list you better for a nice speedy page-load time. Image Sizes It’s important for […]

SEO Basics: Mapping Your Site for Search Engines

One of your main tasks when optimising a website for the Search Engines is to ensure that the robots they send to ‘spider’ (or ‘crawl’) your website can find their way around easily and can make sense of your site pages. If Google can’t discern a sensible structure and hierarchy for your pages, then it […]

Centralise Your Google SEO Tools for the New Year

Now is the time for New Year’s Resolutions, and a great time to look at ensuring you have excellent foundations for your Search Engine Optimisation. There is no point forging ahead if you are not sure how to access vital tools, or how to assess what you are doing. Start out how you mean to […]

Organic Keyword Data from Google Gone by December

…or sooner, depending on your website and audience. Some websites are reporting it gone already. There won’t be an SEO on the planet that won’t be aware of this, but many business owners who keep track of their own Analytics will likely be taken by surprise. We have blogged before about the rising amount of […]