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GDPR: What is it and how does it affect your business? 

In simple terms GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation and it is the new rules, laid out by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), to control what data businesses hold and how that information is used. The new rules come into play in May 2018 and the maximum fine for breeching the new rules […]

Check your Source to avoid embarrasment

We’ve all done it. Retweeted or Posted something without really reading it properly or without doing the most basic research to check how accurate the story is. Today we have two more great examples of the importance of checking properly before reposting. Celebrity campaigner Bianca Jagger suffered the more serious of the two errors when […]

How Much Would You Pay To Get A New Client?

It sounds a weird concept but bear with me as it’s one of the most important concepts in getting your marketing working effectively. Yet surprisingly few businesses, even marketing businesses, really understand its importance! The easiest way to demonstrate this concept is with a hypothetical example.  Let’s say that your average sale is £30.00 and […]

Final Check List Before Putting Your Website Live

So your new website is ready to go live.No doubt it has taken longer than you thought it would but finally you are happy and you are set to launch. Is there anything you can do to make sure the new website is the success you have planned? Well yes, several things. First read through […]

Working On The Go

Being out of the office used to mean downtime unless you were meeting face to face with clients or suppliers. However the technology at our disposal today means that work can be as easy and effective as being in the office. A few simple tools make all the difference. Obviously a smartphone can allow you […]

Lessons from #Twitter-Fail

There have been a few well documented instances of massive Twitter-fails this week.  Organisations have been opening themselves up to questioning on Twitter using targeted hashtags. British Gas decided to put Customer Services Director Bert Pijls live on Twitter the day the after raising prices by 9.2% using the hashtag #AskBG.  The reaction was predictable […]

Nigels been Nominated for the Charity Supporter of the Month Award!

Our Managing Director (Nigel Wilkinson) regularly attends The Business Network SW monthly lunch events that take place in both Bristol and Bath. The events themselves provide a great opportunity to meet and create ties with a wide variety of decision makers from all walks of business life in the local area. While current business news […]

How to create a successful website

The key question to consider when planning a new website is: “What do you want the website to do?” Seems obvious but it’s remarkable how few companies really delve into this question. Is it a lead generation tool? Are you looking to communicate with existing customers? Do you plan to sell online and if so […]

How to write great copy for your website Home Page

The home page is arguable the most important page of your website. It is normally the page that visitors see first and when search engines rank your website it is the starting point for your website’s search engine optimisation. So getting your text absolutely right is very important. As the old cliché says, “You never […]

The Importance of PCI Compliance

It’s remarkable how few people have heard of PCI compliance. It doesn’t make the news, the press don’t mention it and if you talk to your bank manager or accountant they probably won’t know what you mean. But if you are involved in taking card payments via ecommerce and or traditional retail you need to know what […]

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