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Using Facebook and Advertising to a Custom Audience To Increase Awareness

As a business it is now vital that you are using social media to communicate with your customers, advertise your goods and increase your brand awareness. In a world that has become heavily dominated by online marketing, without such a presence your business is likely to be missing out on a huge potential audience which […]

Introducing Facebook Live Stream

Video streaming in general has proved to be a popular feature of marketing with YouTube and Periscope to name a few being some of the dominating video social media channels out there. However, there seems to be a new player in the game… Facebook live! Have you started to receive notifications on Facebook to say […]

Clever Marketing – Attract an audience interested in your business to secure that deal!

Advertising in a digital format has become increasingly popular with marketers now targeting their products and services to the consumer multiple times a day. This increased advertising reach has been made available by the huge growth of digital, including; websites, social media, google search and email marketing. Although marketers are now able to revel in […]


The Pokémon craze has taken off at a level that I don’t think anyone would have predicted! You might not be a Pokémon fan yourself or you might not even understand what it’s all about, however, if you are a business owner then I urge you to keep reading as POKEMON GO CAN ACTUALLY BENEFIT […]

Check your Source to avoid embarrasment

We’ve all done it. Retweeted or Posted something without really reading it properly or without doing the most basic research to check how accurate the story is. Today we have two more great examples of the importance of checking properly before reposting. Celebrity campaigner Bianca Jagger suffered the more serious of the two errors when […]

How Much Would You Pay To Get A New Client?

It sounds a weird concept but bear with me as it’s one of the most important concepts in getting your marketing working effectively. Yet surprisingly few businesses, even marketing businesses, really understand its importance! The easiest way to demonstrate this concept is with a hypothetical example.  Let’s say that your average sale is £30.00 and […]


Benefits Of Having a Disaster Recovery Plan

This blog is all about the benefits of having a plan ready for when disaster strikes, as we all know is inevitable at some point! You might be thinking ‘really, what are the chances of this happening to me.’ But what if it did? Would you really be prepared? As a digital marketing company we […]

Learn How To Track Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Google analytics is used by any SEO know how who wants to find out how many visits a website is attaining. Analytics is a great tool to track the traffic on your website and tell you when it happened. However, what is often perceived as a little blurry is where exactly did this traffic come […]

What should your business be doing on social media?

As you are probably now aware… your business cannot afford to be avoiding social media! Social media has become an integral platform to marketing and many businesses who are using social media as part of their marketing strategies are beginning to see online business success. In this blog entry we give a brief account of […]

Social Media – The Importance of Analytics

Social Media has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It has become a marketing strategy that cannot be ignored as more than half of the world’s population are now active on social media. However, what has become equally important in the rise of social media marketing is the necessity […]

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