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Why Online Language is So Important and How to Improve Yours

Communication is something we do every day, and we each have different ways to communicate with different people in different situations. Communication is not just about the words we use; our body language and tone of voice also play a big part in how people understand what we are saying. The way we communicate will […]

Compelling Copy Commands Conversions

The copy on your website is there to explain, persuade and clarify. It should be clear, directive and simple, as well as unique and up to date. Arguably it is more important than the design of your site when generating conversions and boosting your search engine listings. If your copy is not compelling, it will […]

Your Quick Guide: Calls to Action

Your website is an online resource – a place that displays information about your business and your products or services. It can also be a powerful tool for generating sales and enquiries, but to do this you need to have some well-crafted messages in place. Calls to Action are what encourage people to purchase an […]

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 15th April 2016

Welcome to another edition of WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up where we bring you the latest from the Digital Marketing world. This week we will looking at online marketing tips for small businesses and how they can improve your engagement, ways to use Social Media beyond digital marketing and we have tactics that can […]

Steps To Writing Effective Web Copy – Part 2. Persuasive Writing

Having already looked at the different stages between planning and publishing your copy in Steps to writing effective web copy – Part 1, this blog entry focuses on the importance of the text and language that you use. See these 4 key steps to writing persuasively in order to encourage your readers to invest in […]

Writing Effective Web Copy – Part 1, From Planning to Publishing

Copy writing is a long winded process and is not an easy task. In order for your copy to be successful it is important that you are extremely organised throughout the whole copy writing process. This involves being organised from the moment you start to plan the project, collect the data / content, create a […]