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How to Make Your Social Stories Interactive

Pioneered by Snapchat the 24 hour social story has sky rocketed in popularity over the last few years and now more features are being added than ever before! This post format is a great way to cater for an instant, ‘want-driven’ society who consume content around the clock and on the go. Instagram has been […]

New Google Ads Announcements – Google Marketing Live 2019

Google Marketing Live was held across the pond in America this week, and it brought some exciting announcements and information with it. Our team have been sifting through all of the announcements and new products that were announced over the last 24 hours in order to give you the information that you need in one […]

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 that You Need to Know

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s the start of 2019, and that means a whole new years’ worth of advancements and changes to the digital marketing world. We’re in a time where using the right marketing method could make or break your business, so it’s important that you know what’s in store for 2019. We have […]

Introducing our Ignite Seminar 2019!

Ignite your passion for marketing! WNW Digital is pleased to announce Ignite 2019 – an Exeter based marketing seminar packed full of the resources you need to increase sales for your business and grow your skill set. On Wednesday 23rd January six key speakers, who are each experts in their own field, will be covering […]

Why is Call Tracking So Essential?

You might think call tracking is expensive, or the code installation looks tricky, or perhaps you weren’t even aware that dynamic website call tracking exists. Whatever your reasons for not doing call tracking, we can guarantee you should be doing it if you have a phone number on your website! (And on a separate note, […]

Can Users Actually Convert on Your Website?

Conversions – they’re what every business owner is aiming for from their website and are the ultimate measure of success for a website.   Conversions don’t have to mean sales, it could be someone downloading a PDF for more information or subscribing to your newsletter. After all these things will all help to move this individual along the buying process.  Something you may not have […]

Is Your Website’s Navigation Really That Important?

Your website’s navigation – it’s how users find what they’re looking for, make decisions and most importantly convert into an online enquiry or sale.   Without good navigation, your website is fairly useless and won’t be benefiting your sales or marketing at all!  It’s easy to prioritise how your website looks over the usability of the site, especially as a business owner.   You get […]

Our Top Tips for Your Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an extremely important aspect of any marketing strategy and can produce some really great results when it is done correctly. When it comes to email marketing for Christmas, you should aim to start sending your emails between 1st and 15th November. This is when the highest open rate occurs, and you will […]

What Could Work Better than a Google Beacon for Your Business?

The big question on everyone business owner’s lips right now is: What is a Google Beacon? But, what you really should be asking is: Is a Google Beacon the best option for my business? We previously wrote a blog post all about Google Beacons and what benefits they could have to your business, you can […]

Google Ads vs SEO: What’s Better For Your Business?

Google Ads and SEO both have their benefits for your business, but if you are in the situation where you can only choose one of the two, this blog is here to help you make the difficult decision. You Want Fast Results… There is one definite winner when it comes to producing fast results, and […]