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All you Need to Know About Instagram Shopping Check Out

Instagram’s latest feature is sure to see the app turn into a booming channel for ecommerce sites, combining visual inspiration with easy purchases. The best part? Users don’t even have to leave the app. When Instagram introduced their shopping buttons in February of 2018, brands were able to link their products directly to their posts, […]

New Google Ads Announcements – Google Marketing Live 2019

Google Marketing Live was held across the pond in America this week, and it brought some exciting announcements and information with it. Our team have been sifting through all of the announcements and new products that were announced over the last 24 hours in order to give you the information that you need in one […]

Get Big, Get Niche or Get Out

Starting out in the retailing industry is tricky, there’s so much to take into consideration. ‘What are you going to sell?’ and ‘who are you going to sell it to?’ would be the main two questions you’ll have to answer, followed by, ‘what’s going to make you stand out?’. Many businesses decide that they will […]

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 13th May 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up where we bring you the latest from the Digital Marketing world. It’s Friday 13th today, so let’s hope we don’t receive any bad luck! This week, we focus on tips for your social media and marketing campaigns and ways you can […]

Effective Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce Site

If you have an E-Commerce website, you want users coming to your website and buying your products. Sounds easy! But it’s not and there are many reasons why your online shop could be letting potential customers slip away, so read our tips on how you can improve your chances of turning users, into paying customers. […]


Facebook To Offer Onsite Purchasing

Facebook are currently testing a ‘Buy Button’ that would allow users to buy products without leaving their news feed, making it much quicker and easier to purchase online products. Pinterest have a similar button that allows you to purchase certain items that are pinned, through Iphone, Ipad and Android and it now seems that Facebook […]

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up – 20th June 2014

This week’s blog round up takes a look at revitalising your website, inspiration for writing new blog content, producing quality social media posts and more. – This informative blog entry explains how you can nurture your online business by stripping it right down to what really makes your website a success. h 10 New Content […]

Why You Should Incorporate Ecommerce Into Your Web Design

Predictions are still suggesting that as high street sales decline the opportunity for businesses to turn to ecommerce continues to grow. This is presenting businesses the chance to connect with their customers on a digital scale, something that is becoming increasingly important as the way consumers shop is changing dramatically. Consumers are now seeking that […]

Selling Successfully Online – Free seminar by WNW Design and Stephens – Scown Solicitors

The high street is in decline and your customers and competitors are going online. However many companies are put off ecommerce because they are not sure how it would work for them…but the reality is this could really be damaging your business. Join us at a free seminar, “Selling Successfully Online”, presented jointly by Nigel […]

Learn to Sell Successfully Online At Our Free Ecommerce Seminar

Are you damaging your business by not going online? The reality is that the high street is in decline and your customers and competitors are going online. So if you want your business to prosper then you are going to have to develop your business so that you are able to sell successfully online. Many […]