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Top Tips for Email Subject Lines – Get the Conversions You Want

Email marketing is a really effective tool for generating conversions, but you can’t generate conversions if people aren’t reading the content. Subject lines are what determine whether emails are opened or not so you need to ensure that you are writing the best you possibly can. In a recent blog post, we discussed subject lines […]

Are you reading this? The Importance of Subject Lines

It’s likely that, like us, you receive dozens of emails every day and in order to sift through our ever-growing inboxes we scan through and use the subject lines to determine whether they will be deleted straight away or whether they will be read. When you spend a lot of time writing content for your […]

Email Marketing: Could It Be Your Secret Weapon?

Email Marketing used to be extremely popular but it has since been overshadowed by some of the more recent marketing approaches such as social media. It does however remain a very unique and useful tool, as highlighted by a McKinsey and Company study that states that Email Marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook […]

Marketing Automation: What, When and How?

What is Marketing Automation? Marketing Automation is a process which helps with the initial data capture of your sales funnel. It is a way of improving and personalising a user’s experience with your business online. This service is enabled by various types of software that have been developed with the intention to do just this. Marketing […]

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

The new age of the internet has brought numerous new marketing strategies. One strategy which has remained consistent is email marketing. Despite critics arguing its an outdated approach, these articles suggest why it should still be a pivotal part of your business marketing plan. How to boost your email marketing CTA click-through rates. Are your […]

Crucial Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic way of engaging users directly and you can target certain users based on their behaviors or buying history. But are your email marketing campaigns falling a bit short of what you want? Maybe you’re not getting the clicks you want and more prospects are unsubscribing from your email campaigns? Here […]

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 22nd April 2016

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up where we bring you the latest from the Digital Marketing world. In this week’s blog round up we delve into email marketing and why it could be the next step for your businesses online marketing campaigns, while the team at Moz […]

Do You Want To Maximise Your Sales Potential With Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of building ongoing relationships with your audience, developing new customers and repeat sales. With email marketing you can simply contact your customer base with an email that can inform, link to a landing page or get a direct response via the contact information on the […]

WNW’s Friday Blog Round Up – 1st April 2016

Welcome to another edition of WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up where we bring you the latest from the digital marketing world. This blog has been written by our work experience student, Keira Howatson, who has been working with us in order to learn more about the digital marketing world this week. This Friday we […]

Email Marketing Mayhem – Avoid These 3 Costly Mistakes

Most of us now have our emails linked up to our phones which has made checking our emails a very easy task. The increase in accessibility to our emails has meant that email marketing has become a very powerful tool in the marketing tool box. However, email marketing only becomes an effective marketing strategy if […]

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