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Measuring Success in Google Analytics

Measuring your success as a business is a great way to see how you’re performing and improve this from campaign to campaign. Google Analytics has a wealth of information, and it’s well worth finding your way around this tool to get the data that will definitively tell you how well your marketing is performing. As […]

What’s the deal with Google Analytics post-GDPR?

Google Analytics is a great tool for monitoring your website data and the results that your site is bringing to your business. It is a crucial tool for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns and techniques. Using Google Analytics, you are able to track: The amount of traffic your website receives. What source your […]

What KPIs and Goals Should You Be Tracking this New Year?

Tracking your KPIs and Goals is vital to any successful digital marketing campaign. This is how you measure the success of your marketing in general or of a specific campaign you have been running. A KPI is a ‘Key Performance Indicator’ which is how effectively your business is achieving its objectives. Volume Measuring the volume […]

What Is Google Analytics? Why Should I Track My Website?

Your website is an important tool for your business, but do you know how effective your website actually is? Google Analytics is a free program that will provide you with all sorts of weird and wonderful statistics. Simply sign up online and get your developer to add a snippet of code to the back end […]

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up – 25th April 2014

This week we have read some great blog entries, see our favourites here! Topics include; web design, marketing, ecommerce and analytics… Every Happy Status Update You Post On Facebook Triggers Another 1.75 Happy Posts. So What For Marketing? This entry takes a look at the psychology behind your social media posts. 10 Things You Should […]

Viewing Your Keyword Search Data

If you have been tracking what search terms people have been using to find your site (something you should definitely be tracking) then you will be aware that from November last year this data started to disappear at a fast rate. Google has been encrypting searches for a while now, but they are stepping up […]

Increase Your Return On Investment With A Successful Remarketing Campaign!

Would you like to show ads to users who have previously shown an interest in your site? Remarketing will allow you to do just that! Remarketing is a great way in which you can generate further engagement with your target audience. Google Analytics has recently developed their remarketing technologies. In order for businesses / users […]

Why Should You Use Google Analytics On Your Website?

The thought of statistics and graphs can be off putting to a lot of people. Especially those that think you need a degree in Maths to understand them. The great thing about Analytics is that you don’t! With a little bit of commitment and a little bit of training you can teach yourself the basics […]