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How To Rebrand Your Business

This blog post was written for WNW Digital by Jonathan Alder. Jonathan is a brand specialist, helping organisations communicate with clarity and confidence. He is the founder of Alder and Alder. A rebrand is the opportunity to take your business in a different direction. Sometimes that decision is made out of choice, sometimes out of […]

Is LinkedIn still relevant as a marketing tool in 2017?

This blog post is written by Vic Williams, a business and leadership development coach and the owner of The Audacious Company. As an early adopter and an avid user of social media, if I were forced to choose a social networking site which is best for my business, it would hands down have to be […]

Guest Blog: Why You Need Localisation

This insightful blog is written by Tom Rowsell a copywriter employed by EmpowerLingua Translation Services. Overseas expansion may sound costly, but failure to account for developing markets in a global economy could cost you even more. Even if you are struggling in the domestic market, that doesn’t mean you should shy away from foreign markets. World […]

Changes to Commercial Terms

This is a guest blog by Tom Moore on behalf of Stephens Scown LLP. As you are probably aware, when you sell a product or service on-line, you are automatically bound by legal regulations that dictate how you offer that product/service, deal with returns and generally run the on-line ordering process. As of 13 June […]

How To Use Social Media To Assist The Sales Funnel – Infographic

We would like to introduce you to Dave Landry Jr., who has very kindly provided us with an infographic. We hope you enjoy this guest post.  People don’t trust ads. They trust their peers. In order to grow a brand, you must maintain a social media presence as a projected 80% + of customers expect […]

Integrating Video With Your Website

This a guest post by Alex Wren, video specialist at Bitpod. Using video as web site content is now commonplace, web site editors understand how to embed video and visitors are happy to play this content. The strategy behind creating video content can also be fairly straightforward, more often that not it is used where […]