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Don’t Let Your Marketing Slip After Christmas!

We know that Christmas isn’t even here yet, but we want to be prepared and so should you. So, you’ve been marketing non-stop leading up to Christmas, doing everything you can to get your business seen by your target audience. Why would you stop in January? This is a fairly common mistake businesses make, they […]

Seasonal Strategies: Increase your traffic and sales this festive season

Christmas is fast approaching and the festive season is already upon us for most people. This is the time of year where everyone is looking to spend, spend, spend. So, how can you help draw their attention to your company, increase your website traffic and therefore increase your sales over the period? We’ve got a […]

Tracking Conversions: Do You Know What Is Driving Your Sales?

A conversion can be defined as someone completing a certain action that is desired on your website. In other words, a conversion is someone who replies to your call to action, whatever that may be. This might be a purchase, form submission, downloading a brochure or a phone call. Let’s begin with how tracking conversions […]


How Your Business Should Plan Early For Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  As we enter October it becomes almost impossible to walk into a supermarket store without being greeted by Christmas decorations, Christmas Gift sets and everything else you might possibly need at Christmas time. Many of us like to believe in the Christmas Magic but this appearance of […]


Why Use Storytelling in Marketing

As a general rule, people tend to be more receptive to a good story rather than being bombarded with numerous facts and figures. From a very young age we are told stories; we like something that we can relate to, something we can make a personal connection to. The stories will often allow the reader […]

Discover How to Write an Integrated Marketing Campaign Plan

Integrated Marketing is the act of aligning your marketing, advertising, personal relations, and branding, etc. to aim for one clear objective. Many of these strands will have general cross-overs but by coordinating each component, you can expand the reach and effectiveness of your message. Not only does integrated marketing provide the consistency required to solidify […]

Marketing Automation: What, When and How?

What is Marketing Automation? Marketing Automation is a process which helps with the initial data capture of your sales funnel. It is a way of improving and personalising a user’s experience with your business online. This service is enabled by various types of software that have been developed with the intention to do just this. Marketing […]

Do you need to change your sales approach?

Emotional vs. Rational When selling a product or service it is very easy to begin with listing the features it possesses. This provides a very rational approach to selling a product, and goes against the norm of branding. This is not necessarily a bad thing however. For example Dyson takes a rational approach with their […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Are you ready?

Black Friday is another American holiday that has ebbed its way into the UK and has gained popularity with Brits in recent years. For those who do not know, Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving where there are numerous and large discounts on many products in-store and online. The sales are the US […]

Introducing Facebook Live Stream

Video streaming in general has proved to be a popular feature of marketing with YouTube and Periscope to name a few being some of the dominating video social media channels out there. However, there seems to be a new player in the game… Facebook live! Have you started to receive notifications on Facebook to say […]

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