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How Will the Rise in Voice Search Impact Google Ads?

The rise in voice search is changing the way people use search engines to solve their problems. Voice search is becoming increasingly popular, with 51% of people admitting to using voice search in their cars, and 39% of people doing the same in their homes. In order to stay on top and appear in the […]

Search vs Display Ads

When it comes to Google Ads, your ads can vary greatly in terms of their format and targeting.  However, there are also two completely different networks on which to display your ads based on the goals of your campaign, and this will in turn affect the outcome of your campaign.  Ads on the Search and Display networks […]

Responsive Search Ads – What you Need to Know

Have you heard about one of Google’s slightly newer additions to their Ads platform? The responsive search ad adapts to show the better combination of ad headlines and descriptions in order to optimise fully for your audience.   You will need to manually enter multiple different headlines and descriptions and over time, Google will test different combinations of these, analysing which combination performs […]

Google Ads Keyword Quality Score – What is it and how can you improve it?

You may have never heard of quality score before, but it could be the most important part of your Google Ads campaign to get right. There are many elements of a Google Ads campaign that can affect the success and cost of your campaign and your keyword quality score is most definitely one of them. […]

Google Ads Mobile Site Speed – Why it’s so Important

Google has changed the way they evaluate and calculate the mobile site speed score of websites when it comes to Google Ads. The new Test My Site tool makes it easier for users to understand their site speed performance and shows recommendations tailored to the specific website and the necessary mobile site speed fixes. Since […]

Google Page Speed – Optimised vs Speed – What’s Changed?

You may have already heard about and seen the changes to Google page speed that happened back in June 2018. We’ve been busy adjusting and improving this for all of our clients, and we thought it was time to share this new tool with any of you who may not have seen this. Google page […]

Optimise Your Google Business Listing

Google My Business Listings are a feature that you should all be utilising. They’re the local listings that appear in the box at the top of a search results and on the side panel in Google Maps. These listings show the services that are near to an individual user and appearing in the top three […]

SEO Trends 2019

Year on year as technology advances and so do the trends that are associated with it, in this case we’re talking about Search Engine Optimisation.   Search methods that people are using can change drastically in a year and experts must keep up and develop new ways to meet these needs.   Please follow and like us:

What Could Work Better than a Google Beacon for Your Business?

The big question on everyone business owner’s lips right now is: What is a Google Beacon? But, what you really should be asking is: Is a Google Beacon the best option for my business? We previously wrote a blog post all about Google Beacons and what benefits they could have to your business, you can […]

Google Ads vs SEO: What’s Better For Your Business?

Google Ads and SEO both have their benefits for your business, but if you are in the situation where you can only choose one of the two, this blog is here to help you make the difficult decision. You Want Fast Results… There is one definite winner when it comes to producing fast results, and […]