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The Role of Online Directories As Part Of Your SEO

You can improve your SEO listings by submitting your site to a selection of online directories. However it is vitally important that when you are researching for suitable online directories to submit your site to, it is crucial that you only submit them to the directories that are of a high quality. Failure to do […]

SEO Practices: Inbound Links -The Basics

As part of determining what position your website should list in Google has invented a quality metric known as PageRank in order to help attribute a websites listing position. Search engines like Google will consider a variety of SEO practices that will help them determine where your website in affect “deserves” to be listed. There […]

Why Directories Still Have SEO Benefits

Web directories have been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web in the early 1990’s and are still recognized as an important channel for advertising businesses online. People often get web directories and search engines mixed up. The difference between a search engine like Google and web directories is that Google uses a […]

Search Engine Optimisation: Submitting Your Website To Directories

Being an administrator in a website design and internet marketing company does not mean dealing with admin tasks only. Apart from taking the usual phone calls, being first point of contact with the clients and completing various admin forms, there are also other, less admin-related tasks. Being an administrator for WNW Design does not mean […]

Beware The Duplicate Content Curse

One webmaster found Google unwilling to index pictures located in an images directory, but some extra content apparently left the site afoul of Google’s guidelines. Here’s the short version: don’t stick cached content in a directory you want Google to index. Chances are the Googlebot will freak out and run screaming from your server. Michael […]

The Life and Near Death of DMOZ

By Jim Hedger The casket was all but closed on the venerable Open Directory Project (ODP, or ). A December 16 blog post by an ODP founder, Rich Skrenta, “DMOZ had 9 lives. Used up yet?” , suggested that the directory at DMOZ is now, like Marley’s ghost, deader than a doornail. DMOZ was […]

Six Ways Into Yahoo

By Kim Roach (c) 2006 Yahoo was started in 1994 by two college students named David Filo and Jerry Yang. They started Yahoo as a way to keep track of their personal interests on the Internet. Nevër did they imagine that their online ventures would turn into one of the most recognized brands on the […]

The Importance of Directories and Text Links

The proper use of search engines is an extremely critical aspect of online marketing. The search engines are the initial way that prospective customers can locate your site. That’s the reason link popularity is so necessary. If your customers can’t find you, you’ll never see any sales. You may be asking yourself “What is so […]

Tips for Getting Your Website Listed on Yahoo

By Andy MacDonald :: Swift Media UK Treat Yahoo as both a directory AND a search engine. Yahoo offers a number of different search results. Part of their search results come from an actual search engine, and some of their results come from human editors, called surfers. Every Yahoo directory submission is viewed by a […]

Website Submission – A SEO Specialist Shares His Secrets

By Robert Fuess (c) 2006 Spiderweb Logic Many of you have heard of submitting your website, but what does this really mean? What places should you really submit your website? What about submitting to thousands of search engines and directories through some website promotion service? What Pages To Submit: At the minimum, you should submit […]

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