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WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – SEO Special

We focus on why SEO is crucial for marketing your business in order to become the number one search on google in this week’s Friday round up.  Take a look at these top articles focusing on the importance of local SEO and learn how to improve your SEO ranking with different strategies. The Key to […]

Crucial SEO Aspects of Web Design: Site Loading Speed

Google’s aim is to provide the best resources to its searchers, and this includes listing websites that are easy and fast to navigate. So when Google spiders your website it takes note of how fast the pages are loading, and will list you better for a nice speedy page-load time. Image Sizes It’s important for […]

SEO Basics: Mapping Your Site for Search Engines

One of your main tasks when optimising a website for the Search Engines is to ensure that the robots they send to ‘spider’ (or ‘crawl’) your website can find their way around easily and can make sense of your site pages. If Google can’t discern a sensible structure and hierarchy for your pages, then it […]

The Cardinal Rules of Viral Content

Many marketers chalk the success of viral videos and posts up to a mixture of timing and magic. Most believe that creating content that spreads like wildfire is simply a matter of good fortune. While a hefty dose of good luck, if there is such a thing, will certainly not hurt your efforts to go […]

Using Social Signals to Boost Your SEO

Social signals are a hot commodity these days; without them, your SEO and overall traffic won’t be all it can be. Socials signals are any promotion or mention of your brand or products through tweets, Facebook “likes”, and related blasts. The more you engage your audience in commenting and sharing your social media and content, […]

Organic Keyword Data from Google Gone by December

…or sooner, depending on your website and audience. Some websites are reporting it gone already. There won’t be an SEO on the planet that won’t be aware of this, but many business owners who keep track of their own Analytics will likely be taken by surprise. We have blogged before about the rising amount of […]

SEO Killers: Technical SEO Issues and Google

While uncovering and fixing technical issues has always been an important part of SEO, in the wake of Panda and Penguin, technical SEO has moved closer to the forefront. You may have thought that the better Google gets, the less effect technical problems would have on SEO — I know I did. But in fact, […]

Does an Underperforming Ecommerce Site Require a New Website Design?

This is a very common reason to get a new website and can be a completely wasted opportunity to improve your business. Changes are clearly needed if your website is under-performing but you first need to find why it’s happening. If your ecommerce takings have suddenly slumped it might have nothing to do with the […]

Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls When Courting Google

We all should now know that one of the keys to a successfully website is how its design, structure and content interacts with search engines. By optimising you website design and content you are in effect stroking Google the way it likes and in response it will push your site up the organic listings. You […]

Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls – Text Content

You are going to know your business better than anyone else and only an experienced web designer will be able to mould that knowledge into a functional, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing website design. That said it doesn’t hurt to know some of the major website pitfalls that clients can sometimes “encourage” web designers to include in the finished product. […]