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Keywords and their effect on SEO

Keywords are a crucial part in being successful in your SEO. They allow you to focus your SEO efforts in one place whilst at the same time presenting you with a measurement for success – how well your website is ranking for those keywords. Google will start to understand what your website is about and […]


SEO Tips For A Start Up Business

When starting a business there are a heck of a lot of things for you to consider… you probably found yourself asking the question “how am I going to get my business noticed, how are people going to know that my business exists?”. At WNW Digital we have one of many answers to that question […]

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 6th May 2016

Hello you lovely people and welcome to another edition of WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up where we bring you the latest from the Digital Marketing world. This week, we have a look at discovering and prioritising your keywords, what Google really hates about websites and whether bots could be the future of web design. […]

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 11th March 2016

It’s that time of week again and we look into what you can do with negative feedback for your business, the latest SEO news and information, and the biggest stats in Digital Marketing from the last seven days. We hope you enjoy this week’s Friday Blog Round Up. How To Convert Negative Customer Feedback into […]

SEO Practices: Inbound Links -The Basics

As part of determining what position your website should list in Google has invented a quality metric known as PageRank in order to help attribute a websites listing position. Search engines like Google will consider a variety of SEO practices that will help them determine where your website in affect “deserves” to be listed. There […]

SEO Basics: The Importance of SEO-Friendly URLs

One of the core foundations of SEO is URLs, the address of the page you are looking at that displays in the top bar of your browser. Google uses a myriad of ways to work out what your website and the pages within in are all about, and URL is one of them. Alone, it’s […]

Four Ways to Find Profitable Keywords for Successful Niche Creation

For anyone who is into niche creation, keywords are the vital component that holds the business together. Today, I’ll be detailing four ways you can find the right keywords to use in setting up a profitable niche site. 1.) Using Google Suggestion Tool Google’s suggestion tool and related search results can easily be used to […]

Organic Keyword Data from Google Gone by December

…or sooner, depending on your website and audience. Some websites are reporting it gone already. There won’t be an SEO on the planet that won’t be aware of this, but many business owners who keep track of their own Analytics will likely be taken by surprise. We have blogged before about the rising amount of […]

9 Penguin Safe Ways to Dominate Search for Your Keywords

It may take some time and work to rank your new website for your desired keywords. However, by leveraging OPPR (Other People’s PR) you can actually have your website represented in multiple positions throughout the first several pages of search relatively quickly. The recent Penguin update has penalized sites which were “over-optimized.” For example, did […]

What Does 'Not Provided' Mean in my Analytics Keywords Reports?

I’ve had a growing number of clients asking me this, wanting to know why there is a rising number of keyword searches being replaced with ‘not provided’ in their Google Analytics reports: The answer, unfortunately, is that Google are specifically withholding these searches. Every ‘not provided’ was carried out by someone logged in to their […]