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Search engine optimisation – it's all in the writing

I now propose to go right out on a limb and say that design has very little to do with search engine optimisation. This is a sweeping generalisation, I admit, and one to which my designer friends will take instant umbrage. But it is true to all intents and purposes. Design can certainly assist in […]

Website Traffíc and Search Engine Optimization: The Domain Name

By Donovan Baldwin Whether for business or personal use, before there can be a website, there must be a domain name, and one of the most important steps of a search engine optimization plan is to pick the right one. So what IS a domain name? A domain name is that thing that people give […]

How to effectively select and use keywords for your website

Correctly choosing the keywords that your website wishes to compete on is the single most important aspect of a search engine optimization campaign. Proper keyword selection can provide your business with an extremely solid foundation to build. However, the opposite can be said for websites that make mistakes at this point. If your website dives […]

How Does Web Analytics Help?

Web analytics is a quantitative indicator of behavior of visitors to a website. Simply explained, web analytics involves identification of visitor, analyzing the reason of visit and tracking his/her movement within your website until the time he/she leaves the website. In essence therefore, web analytics provides a clear picture of the performance of a website […]

Copywriting With Google's Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool

By Karon Thackston (c) 2006, All Rights Reserved Automation is an odd creature. It usually seems, at first glance, that automating a process can make things easier, simpler and faster. But oftentimes, once an automated process is in place, trouble spots pop up. This is sometimes the case when looking at the copywriting aspect of […]

How to Get the Highest Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Rankings. Everyone wants to be number one, and there are millions of web sites out there. So how do you become number one and stay there consistently? Consistently is the key word here. Sure, you may apply the newest, best trick in the book today, but when someone else comes out with a […]

Keyword Analysis: Looking For Low-Hanging Fruit

By Damon G. Zahariades (c) 2006 Getting traffïc from the search engines for competitive keywords is a tough battle. And it’s getting tougher. This article will help you continue to drive traffïc from Google, Yahoo and MSN while avoiding the sandbox where the bullies hang out. There’s always someone with a biggër budget and […]

Google Revenue Jeopardized by Keyword Case

Searching for Edina Realty on Google returns a top-of-the-page sponsored link run by, and Edina Realty has sued the advertiser over use of its trademark. Even though the lawsuit involved Google and keywords, for once no one has shown up at the Googleplex bearing warm greetings and a stone-cold subpoena. In Edina Realty, Inc. […]

Domain Name Insanity – Does Your Name Really Matter?

By Matt DeAngelis Your domain name is the .com, .net, .org or some other dot something that people use to get to your web site. is mine. A group of investors headed by Jake Weinbaum (the guy behind Disney’s paid $7.5 million for the name back in 1999, aiming to make it […]

Adwords Addresses Click Fraud Suggestions

Google’s Shuman Ghosemajumder, Business Product Manager for Trust & Safety, provided answers for some common questions about click fraud after Google disclosed it was nearing a settlement in a lawsuit filed against it over the problem. For one thing, Google isn’t going to tell how they detect invalid clicks. Ghosemajumder noted in the Q&A posted […]

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