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Google Adwords Rules

It has slipped the attention of many Google Adwords users that Google have updated their guidelines on landing pages that capture visitor information. Typically this would include registering for downloads, extra content or seminars, webinars or site access. For most users trading in an honest and upfront way this change should have zero direct impact, […]

Are Your Promotions or Competitions Breaking Facebook Guidelines?

A lot of businesses are just starting out on Facebook, experimenting with the best ways to use this platform to generate more fans and turn them into customers. But because Facebook started out as a free communication tool for individual users, many businesses might not realise that they have some fairly strict regulations when it […]

The Most Common Reason for Dropped Rankings: Duplication

By Ross Dunn, CEO, StepForth Search Engine Placement Inc. Repeatedly my salës and consulting staff find themselves explaining that using duplicate content can and will negatively affect search engine rankings and it is heartbreaking to see clients having to rebuild rankings due to such a simple mistake. As a result, I felt it was time […]

Dangerous Marketing Campaigns

Targeting your key demographic online is getting harder and harder. While new portals that offer information to niche markets spring up like summer weeds, it is hard to decipher the legitimacy of not only their readership, but the depth and significance of their content, the source of their traffic, and the accuracy of their traffic […]

Google Says Googling Is Inapproriate

Recently, the Washington Post received a letter, on paper, hand-addressed, and in the mail, from Google attorneys asking the newspaper to avoid using Google as a verb. Perhaps paper makes a demand seem more serious than email. The Post responded, only slightly mocking in tone, snickering at the legal use of the word “hottie.” From […]

Do Search Engines Care About Valid HTML?

Like most web developers, I’ve heard a lot about the importance of valid html recently. I’ve read about how it makes it easier for people with disabilities to access your site, how it’s more stable for browsers, and how it will make your site easier to be indexed by the search engines. So when I […]

Tech Firms Fear Privacy Lawsuits

Written by David Utter for A dozen high-powered companies inside and outside of the technology industry jointly requested Congress pass a law to protect the privacy of consumers, while insulating them from being “brought to their knees” by class-action lawsuits. Efforts by Google and other technology companies to drum up support for federal privacy […]

Google Bowling: How Competitors Can Sabotage You

Written by Michael Pedone for WebProNews Have you heard about the latest “sport” in dirty online business? It’s called Google Bowling and it represents a gaping flaw in Google’s system that allows your competitors to sabotage your site to the point of getting it banned or penalized. This can’t happen, right? I mean, Google would […]

Is Google Building An Alternative Internet?

Written by Jim Hedger for SiteProNews Google is working on its most ambitious project to date, the creation of a global data transfer network that could effectively serve as a private Internet. Since the introduction of AdWords three years ago, Google has become the world’s largest media company and advertising vehicle. It has grown to […]

Google Print Has Legal Support

Written by Jason Lee Miller for WebProNews Though copyright law predates the Internet, case law has been established regarding the indexing of copyrighted material, and it has come out in favor of the indexer. Publishers who have issues with Google’s Print for Libraries project may end up with little more than hurt feelings. Late in […]

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