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Using Majestic SEO To Search For Quality Inbound Links

Following on from yesterday’s blog about attaining quality inbound links today we are going to take a look at one of the methods to do this using a programme called Majestic SEO in more detail. Majestic SEO is an online programme that allows you to see where your competitors are getting their inbound links from. […]

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Link Building

A couple of years ago it was common practice to buy your inbound links. However as algorithm Google Panda came into play, websites that had undertaken poor link building strategies by buying links faced penalisation. This short blog entry addresses the change in link building strategy. What happened? – Businesses / websites buy inbound links […]

How to Acquire Links by Leveraging Web Mentions

Making the most of the tools available for link building can sometimes seem like a long and thankless task, but when you put just a few fundamental skills to work for you, you’re likely to find that it’s not quite as difficult as you might think; in fact, there are quite a few opportunities for […]

Jumpstart Your Link Building by Capitalizing on the Seasons

Not every business is affected by the different season changes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace seasonal spikes and adjust your link building efforts accordingly. To capitalize on the different seasons, you need to analyze a lot of different elements to get organized. You want to boost the amount of traffic from your current […]

Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls When Courting Google

We all should now know that one of the keys to a successfully website is how its design, structure and content interacts with search engines. By optimising you website design and content you are in effect stroking Google the way it likes and in response it will push your site up the organic listings. You […]

10 Tips for Successful Post Penguin Link Building Campaigns

Links have always been an important part of SEO and in recent years have formed the backbone of all good SEO campaigns. Since the first Google Penguin algorithm update back in April 2012 it has become more important to build links the right way, and the safe way. Here are 10 useful tips to keep […]

Link-Building Strategies Require New Focus to Avoid Google Penalties

Link building is a hot topic right now. The reason? It’s causing major headaches for a lot of webmasters. In fact, many are questioning if they should continue with link building as part of their SEO marketing strategy. The simple answer to that conundrum is yes, but you have to be SEO-savvy to avoid Google […]

5 Little Known Places to Score Backlinks

We all got the memo that great content is important. Google’s Panda update made that abundantly clear. But let’s be honest: backlinks are still the name of the game when it comes to ranking in the SERPs. Hunting down quality links from websites with the right online street cred will not only help you rank; […]

How To Find Who Is Linking To Your Website – Accurate and Free Backlinks Checker

Over the past few years, my website has ranked pretty high in for some great keywords but, I’ve noticed recently, my search engine ranks have started slipping. My theory for this occurrence is my articles and posts from a few years ago were seen as out-dated and no longer counted (although I could be wrong […]

Uncovering Missed Link Building Opportunities

White-hat link building is a slow and arduous process at times, especially when you feel like you’ve run out of opportunities. But the Internet has millions of websites with billions of pages of content – it’s pretty much impossible to run out of link building opportunities. The key is just to keep at it day […]