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Google Looking into Hiding URLs in Search

Google is currently testing a change in their Chrome web browser; this is the practise of hiding URLs from users when any search happens in the Google web browser. Although this may stay limited to Google searches, this kind of change can sometimes indicate a move towards something bigger, and it could be that Google are […]


SEO Tips For A Start Up Business

When starting a business there are a heck of a lot of things for you to consider… you probably found yourself asking the question “how am I going to get my business noticed, how are people going to know that my business exists?”. At WNW Digital we have one of many answers to that question […]

PPC vs SEO – The Basics

We highlight the basic differences between PPC and Organic SEO. When you carry out a search on Google you are presented with organic search results and paid search results. Organic search results can be found in the middle of the page. In order to attain a position in one of these spots it is likely […]

Organic SEO vs Paid SEO

Search engines like Google will regularly crawl websites and carry out an “assessment” of some sorts. Based on this assessment Google will then decide an appropriate position in which your website can be listed. Search engines like Google will take into consideration things like keywords, pages included on the website, relevance of content etc. There […]

Organic Keyword Data from Google Gone by December

…or sooner, depending on your website and audience. Some websites are reporting it gone already. There won’t be an SEO on the planet that won’t be aware of this, but many business owners who keep track of their own Analytics will likely be taken by surprise. We have blogged before about the rising amount of […]

Does an Underperforming Ecommerce Site Require a New Website Design?

This is a very common reason to get a new website and can be a completely wasted opportunity to improve your business. Changes are clearly needed if your website is under-performing but you first need to find why it’s happening. If your ecommerce takings have suddenly slumped it might have nothing to do with the […]

Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls When Courting Google

We all should now know that one of the keys to a successfully website is how its design, structure and content interacts with search engines. By optimising you website design and content you are in effect stroking Google the way it likes and in response it will push your site up the organic listings. You […]

Google Product Search Now Google Shopping & No Longer Free

Google Product Search has been offering a free method of getting products seen at the top of the Google results pages for years now (when your price is low enough and your feed optimised correctly), and Google have finally made the choice to convert to a paid model. Incidentally, this looks like another way in […]

Bing: Here Are the 4 Reasons You Want Links

Bing’s Duane Forrester has followed up his recent post about how Bing evaluates content quality with one about how Bing looks at links. He says you want links for a few reasons, and lists 4 of them: 1 – because they alert us to your website when its new, or to new content 2 – […]

25 Reasons A Site Will Link To You

A slideshow presentation by Ken MacGaffin, developer of Wordtracker’s Link Building Tool, with some excellent tips on getting those all-important inbound links to your site: Please follow and like us:

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