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All you Need to Know About Instagram Shopping Check Out

Instagram’s latest feature is sure to see the app turn into a booming channel for ecommerce sites, combining visual inspiration with easy purchases. The best part? Users don’t even have to leave the app. When Instagram introduced their shopping buttons in February of 2018, brands were able to link their products directly to their posts, […]

How to Make Your Social Stories Interactive

Pioneered by Snapchat the 24 hour social story has sky rocketed in popularity over the last few years and now more features are being added than ever before! This post format is a great way to cater for an instant, ‘want-driven’ society who consume content around the clock and on the go. Instagram has been […]

Growing your Following on Social Media

Social media is a form of digital marketing where a huge number of your audience, or potential audience, can be reached using a number of different platforms. Attracting these people, your ideal customers, to your social pages and using these to drive traffic to your website is key in allowing your social media strategy to […]

Social Media and your Brand – Why are These Platforms so Important?

Social media is often considered to be the foundation of any business’s digital marketing, it’s something that every business should be using. Whilst it’s something we always recommend to our client’s it’s something that many of us seem to struggle with and it can be hard to get right. Your social media strategy can be […]

Facebook Ads Best Practices

Facebook Ads – Best Practices

We’ve covered all the technical ins and outs of Facebook Ads in our last few blog posts, but there are still some best practices that it is essential to follow in the creation and implementation of your Facebook Ad campaigns. Without placing these at the forefront of your campaign, you can end up spending a […]

The Targeting Capabilities of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are renowned for their versatility in targeting options, allowing you to really find the best fit customers for your ads. Whether you want to target by demographic or locate people who have just passed through your store location, Facebook Ads allow you to do just this. There are a few main targeting groups […]

Facebook Ad Formats and their Best Applications

Facebook is a great ad platform considering the fact that it supports multiple ad formats and types, dependent on the intended outcome of your campaign. Facebook Ads have one of the best reputations for creating highly engaging ads to drive people to convert. Designing your ads and ad placements depending on who you’re trying to […]

The Benefits of Facebook Ads

In a time where social media is becoming ever more popular and saturated with additional capabilities other than browsing, these platforms have proven to be a fantastic method to harness the power of advertising.  Facebook Ads in particular are known by businesses and advertising agencies everywhere due to their profound effect on audiences and the […]

Do You Know How to Measure the ROI of Your Facebook Ad Campaign?

Facebook Ads are one of the most popular forms of PPC marketing, and to many of us this is no surprise.   Facebook offers fairly unmatchable targeting abilities for their ads covering user’s demographics, interests and even online behaviours!   Running Facebook Ads is all well and good, but if you’re unsure how to determine your ROI or didn’t even know you […]

How to Add Christmas Spirit into your Social Media in 2018

Social media is a massive part of a business’s everyday life, and it should be a massive part of your Christmas marketing plan. Many businesses don’t see social media as an important marketing factor because it may not produce as many conversions as SEO or PPC, but you’re building relationships with clients and prospects as […]