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How can you use Video Content in your Digital Strategy?

I’m sure you have got the message by now from our previous blog posts but… video content is so important for your digital marketing in 2018. It truly is very important for your business, but the most common issue preventing companies from starting: What do we create a video about? Well, the simple answer is, […]

Our SEO Tips for Using Video

Video is increasingly becoming the content of choice for a lot of businesses and this is for a good reason, video is an amazing form of content to use in your digital marketing. If you want to find out more about why this content is so good, check out our previous blog. However, to get […]

Why Video Should be a Key Player in Your Digital Marketing

Video can still be seen as the new kid on the block when it comes to digital marketing, this doesn’t mean you should underestimate its power and success. We saw a huge increase in video towards the end of 2017 and there are no signs of this slowing down, with 2018 set to be the […]

The Key Digital Marketing Strategies for 2018

Digital Marketing is continually evolving and changing with the advances in technology and platforms, 2018 has already seen some major changes to social platforms such as Facebook and Youtube that are sure to affect advertisers. So, what can we expect out of 2018? Well, here are a few strategies for your digital marketing that you […]

The Importance of Using Video in Your Next Marketing Strategy

Video is becoming the new weapon of choice for a lot of businesses when it comes down to their marketing strategies. This is for a good reason, the benefits of using video within your marketing are increasing all the time. Email Campaigns If you want to increase your click through rate in your email campaigns, […]

Is Video Marketing the Secret to Maximum Engagement?

In short, yes. Here’s why… Video Marketing has increased in popularity rather dramatically over the past few years, causing Mark Zuckerberg to predict that Facebook will be almost entirely video-based in 5 years’ time. Google owned video platform YouTube started to take off in the late 00’s, and remains an extremely influential platform for a […]

Video Marketing On Social Media

Nowadays the majority of us can’t go a day without checking social media. This constant desire to be online has created a fantastic marketing opportunity for brands. Many of us will be use to seeing brands post images and written content. It is also becoming extremely common for brands to use video to tell a […]