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WNW Digital Launch a New Website for TotalTee

WNW has recently launched a new website for Totaltee Ltd, a garment embroidery and printing company based in Exmouth.  Totaltee’s new website has a modern look to it and is a complete update in comparison to their old site.  We added a new video banner onto their homepage which catches the eye and showcases their logo and product to the best […]

WNW Digital Launch a New Website for Portreath Garden Machinery

We recently launched the new website for Portreath Garden Machinery, an independent family-run garden machinery company based in Redruth.  The main aim of this redesign was to update the design of the old website, adding a more modern and refreshed look.  Within this modern design was the opportunity to make the site easier for any new customers to navigate and […]

WNW Digital Launch a New Website for MNR Mowers

MNR Mowers were an existing client of WNW Digital’s and decided it was time for a bit of a website refresh. We recently launched the new website for MNR Mowers, an independent garden machinery business. The main aim for this redesign was to update the usability and functionality of the site, as well as ensuring […]

Is Your Website Flashy or Functional?

We’ve all experienced clicking on a webpage for a business or company and being wowed by their design immediately. After a few seconds admiring the artistic elements and watching the integrated videos, we move on to finding the information we came for. Except we can’t find this.  It is incredibly likely that if you’re thinking […]

Can Users Actually Convert on Your Website?

Conversions – they’re what every business owner is aiming for from their website and are the ultimate measure of success for a website.   Conversions don’t have to mean sales, it could be someone downloading a PDF for more information or subscribing to your newsletter. After all these things will all help to move this individual along the buying process.  Something you may not have […]

Is Your Website’s Navigation Really That Important?

Your website’s navigation – it’s how users find what they’re looking for, make decisions and most importantly convert into an online enquiry or sale.   Without good navigation, your website is fairly useless and won’t be benefiting your sales or marketing at all!  It’s easy to prioritise how your website looks over the usability of the site, especially as a business owner.   You get […]

Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Responsive

It is no surprise to most of us that the amount of people using mobile devices has overtaken desktop users at a rapid pace. There has been a distinct increase in browsing on the go, and it’s safe to say we have all noticed. We have definitely experienced a few people not looking where they’re […]

Get Your Website Ready for Christmas

Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye, which is why we need to start getting our marketing ready right now. Yes, we do mean right now, drop the pumpkin and let’s get moving! If you haven’t already read our previous blogs on preparing your Christmas marketing, you can find these here. From […]

WNW Digital Launch a New Website for DoorStuff

We have recently launched a new website for the e-commerce site DoorStuff. They are an online retailer selling door accessories. The main aim for this website is functionality and to improve the usability of the site. Since they were already a client of ours for SEO, the SEO team played a large role in the […]

WNW Launch a New Website for Devon Archaeological Society

We have recently launched a brand-new website for the Devon Archaeological Society who offer information and activities surrounding archaeology and Devon’s past.   The main aim for this design was to really modernise it compared to the previous website as well as improving the usability.   Improving the navigation from a small sidebar panel into larger header navigation was one of the big […]

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