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Six Branding Basics Web Developers Don’t Want to Miss

All businesses, big or small, greatly benefit from creating a strong brand. Companies usually want to brand their business websites so customers remember them and think of their goods and services when they need something. A brand identity can be anything like alphabet characters, logos, colors, tagline, font style etc. A strong brand leaves a […]

Does an Underperforming Ecommerce Site Require a New Website Design?

This is a very common reason to get a new website and can be a completely wasted opportunity to improve your business. Changes are clearly needed if your website is under-performing but you first need to find why it’s happening. If your ecommerce takings have suddenly slumped it might have nothing to do with the […]

Top Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls – Menus, Navigation & Links

There are so many top tip blogs and articles online that it can become confusing as to what’s right or wrong to do when it comes to website design. Hopefully this series of blogs will help you avoid the most common pitfalls and ultimately improve the overall quality of your customers browsing experience. This blog […]

How to create a successful website

The key question to consider when planning a new website is: “What do you want the website to do?” Seems obvious but it’s remarkable how few companies really delve into this question. Is it a lead generation tool? Are you looking to communicate with existing customers? Do you plan to sell online and if so […]

The Pitfalls and Mistakes of Website Design and Layout

Continuing with our common mistakes and pitfalls of website designs this blog looks at a couple of tips and best practices for layout and overall website design. Browser Compatibility – This is a biggy. Like it or not you may have to sacrifice some design aspects to make sure your site runs smoothly across all […]

Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls When Courting Google

We all should now know that one of the keys to a successfully website is how its design, structure and content interacts with search engines. By optimising you website design and content you are in effect stroking Google the way it likes and in response it will push your site up the organic listings. You […]

Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls that Effect the User Experience

Websites are created for the benefit of your customers, clients or your staff. They’re there to convey information to that group in one form or another so that an aspect of your business such as sales, client advocacy or knowledge is improved. It should therefore make sense that a websites design should in theory be […]

Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls – Text Content

You are going to know your business better than anyone else and only an experienced web designer will be able to mould that knowledge into a functional, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing website design. That said it doesn’t hurt to know some of the major website pitfalls that clients can sometimes “encourage” web designers to include in the finished product. […]

Trending Website Design Features In 2013

Over the last couple of years websites have begun to evolve at a much faster rate. A lot of this can be attributed to newly available platforms, mediums and browsers such as the popularity of Smart Phones in everyday life. With individuals and companies becoming more competitive there seems to be a new break through […]

Photographs in Website Design

Photographs often make up important aspect of a websites design whether they are included in banners or as part of the logo or layout. A lot of businesses will turn to search engines to find images online but they are often of poor quality and not entirely suitable for your needs. Below are a couple […]