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5 Essential Ways Work Experience Can Help You Discover Your Future Career Potential

By Keira Howaston

Work experience is always a daunting task. You go into a workplace not having a clue if it’s the right decision for you, whether you’ll enjoy it or you’ll carry the skills that they’re looking for. I get it, I do, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know right? So here are the 5 tips that I found helped convince me to take control of my own path.

Eases you into the idea of workSocial Networking

I found that my biggest concern was not having the faintest idea as to what I’d enjoy doing (like most 18 year olds!) for potentially the rest of my life. But this is why I wanted to
familiarise myself with the world of work. I believe that by researching into places that do jobs in areas and subjects that you enjoy – you’ll get on the right track. That’s why I chose WNW Digital. As I am currently studying business at A-level, I knew that I liked the idea of marketing ideas and products in order to ensure companies are as successful as they can be. I decided to contact the business and see in which ways they would be able to help me see whether marketing was the right path for me.

Sampling different careers

Work experience also offers you an opportunity to sample different job roles. For example, when I was younger I always wanted to work with children in some way, however after doing a week’s work experience in a primary school, I realised that it was definitely not the right path for me. This was when I first began to consider an office job or something where I could work more independently – whilst still working as part of a team – as this is how I find I work most effectively. I found that the longer I spent doing this at WNW Digital; it really was my optimum way of working.


Work experience also offers the person a chance to meet new people within the industry they’re interested in, in order to build up their contact list. This could be after they finish college or university or purely want a change of scenery at a later date. This can also help promote any business that you’re working for as you may have contacts that they don’t which you can pass on, as well as being able to advertise through word of mouth to your friends and family about the business itself. I found that I engaged with a lot of new people working at WNW Digital and learnt so much about what digital marketing entails.

Job hunting

Similarly to networking, most people go out on work experience to try and seek a job. This could be either with the company that you are working for or to try and bulk out a CV for another. Either way it’s a very effective method of obtaining interviews and opportunities. This is because employers like to see that you’re willing to do some outside work. Likewise, part time jobs can also help secure these experiences.

Discover skills you didn’t know you had

Work experience is often great for showing skills that you didn’t know you had, such as: with computers, in communication, talking in front of people etc. This can also help pad out a CV as reasons someone should hire you. It is always a delightful feeling to realise you can do something better than you thought you could and for an employer to find someone with the exact attributes they are looking for, they are just as content.

I learnt a lot about SEO, PPC and email marketing as well as the formatting behind a website and how they are put together and I’m sure that I will be able to take all this new information with me no matter what I end up doing after college. I would definitely recommend looking at work experience to anyone that is struggling with knowing what careers they may like to work within. I feel that it is something that would help develop any skills as well as allowing an insight into what full-time work is like. I definitely believe that this was an invaluable experience for me and I am happy that I took the opportunity I was given to see what it is like to work within digital marketing.

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