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Benefits of Google Ads and Organic Marketing

Google Ads and SEO are both extremely efficient methods of digital marketing, and they can benefit your business in very different ways. But, what are the benefits of these marketing methods?  

Google Ads 

There are so many benefits to running Google Ads for your business and if we listed them all this blog post would be pages and pages long. So, here are just a few of the benefits to your business. 

Fast Results: A great benefit of running Google Ads is the almost instant results that you can receive. As soon as you set your ads live, they will be shown to your audience as opposed to Google taking months to act on your SEO changes.  

Audience Guarantee: Unlike other methods of marketing, using Google Ads guarantees that your audience will be able to see your ads when searching for similar keywords or products. It is a sure way to get your ad and website in front of consumers.  

Measurable: The Ads platform is really great at tracking your ad performance and gives you all of your data and statistics in one place. Not only can you view your current statistics but you are also able to compare data to previous periods in your ad history.  

Full Control: Unlike SEO or some other digital marketing methods, Google Ads allows you to have full control over what your users see from your business, but also when and where they see your ads. This means that you can really target a niche segment of people and control the image your brand is giving.  

Remarketing: This is one of the most popular ways in which businesses use the platform, and this is because of the really easy set-up and the great results. The Ads platform allows you to target ads to people who visit your website but didn’t convert previously.  

Organic Marketing 

Many business owners either don’t see the benefits to SEO or don’t understand why this marketing method is so important to their business, so we wanted to shed a little light onto just some of the many benefits.  

Usability: In the process of SEO, usability is improved constantly because of the benefits it holds for search engines, but also for users. This means that users are more likely to stay on your website and view all of your content rather than clicking away. Conversion rates are higher on websites where there is a good level of usability and SEO helps to improve this.  

Trust: People nowadays are very aware of ads and what they are, this means that sometimes we are wary of ads – even if we don’t mean to be. That is why people tend to trust the organic listings more in search results which can lead to a higher Click Through Rate and more conversions because that level of trust is there.  

Stability: Paid ads is all about a constant budget, so if you can’t afford to pay Google for your ads one month then your ads just won’t show at all. Whereas with Organic marketing, if you need to take a week’s break from SEO work such as blogging and content, your listings shouldn’t suffer very much if at all. 

There are so many benefits to using these digital methods of marketing and these only scratch the surface, but ultimately this all depends on your business and what you want to gain.  

Do you want to learn more about how one of these methods could reach your goals or evaluate your options, our team are more than happy to help so get in touch with them today!  

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