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What Could Work Better than a Google Beacon for Your Business?

The big question on everyone business owner’s lips right now is: What is a Google Beacon?

But, what you really should be asking is: Is a Google Beacon the best option for my business?

We previously wrote a blog post all about Google Beacons and what benefits they could have to your business, you can find that blog post here.

It seems that Google is sending out these beacons to businesses with no real explanation to the benefits of these beacons, how to use them or whether this is actually the best choice for your business.

Is a Google Beacon Actually of Use to Me?

Yes and no. Currently, official Google Beacons with no additional software simply work to boost the effectiveness of your Local Business Listing on Google. There are other Beacons however using the Google Beacon software platform, and these can work to advertise your business in a very small geographical area and send offers/alerts to nearby mobile phones to draw in custom.

However, there’s no way of controlling whose phones receive the alerts and whether they are interested in your service of not. Plus, often people may not have Bluetooth activated on their phone.

So before you set your heart on a Beacon, here’s a couple of other forms of location-based advertising that you should definitely try first…

Facebook Ads

Do you want to be able to target people within a certain distance of your location? But only reach the people who match your target market? Well, Facebook Ads allows you to do just that!

You are able to choose a certain location where people are, they live, or they have visited and targeted your ads to one of these segments. In addition, you can create a list of demographics and interests that match your target market to only spend your budget on.

Whether you want to target the perimeter of your physical store or your whole town, you have the ability to do this.

Here is an example of the targeting capabilities that Facebook offers:

If you want to find out about how Facebook ads can benefit your business, and want a personalised review of audiences, costs and reachability; contact our team of experts: 01392 349580

Google Ads

Google Ads will allow you to target to an audience within proximity of your specified location. These ads will appear in the Google search results when people are searching for your product/service.

Your ads can be customised depending on the service or product which people are searching for and are completely customisable for every business.

Here is an example at the location targeting capabilities Google Ads provides you with:

If you want to find out about how Google Ads can benefit your business, and want a personalised review of keywords, costs and reachability; contact our team of experts: 01392 349580

Local Business Listings

Local business listings appear in the Google search results and list three businesses that are within the local area to the individual who is searching.

Here is an example of a local listing:

These show a star rating system for Google reviews and business information such as opening hours, main service and location.

To improve this listing, you need to work on the information in that listing, the amount and the quality of your Google reviews and your website content.

If you want to find out about how to improve your local business listing and understand how this can benefit your business, we can offer a personalised review of your business listing and how we would work to improve its visibility. Contact our team of experts: 01392 349580


So, if you’ve heard about Beacons and want to know how to best leveridge this for your marketing, or want to check it’s the right choice for you, get in touch with our team to learn more.

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