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The Key Digital Marketing Strategies for 2018

Digital Marketing is continually evolving and changing with the advances in technology and platforms, 2018 has already seen some major changes to social platforms such as Facebook and Youtube that are sure to affect advertisers. So, what can we expect out of 2018? Well, here are a few strategies for your digital marketing that you should definitely consider using this year.

Influencer Marketing

This is unknown territory for many, so for any that are unaware of this growing market, influencers are users on social media who have a large following and therefore have influence over these followers. They make their money through sponsored posts and brand deals and this doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. In fact, these influencers seem to be getting more power in this digital age.

Many users see influencer marketing as a more organic source, an influencer is promoting this product because they like it and recommend it and this means a lot more to users than a company promoting their own product. Large and small companies alike are using influencers to promote, even market leaders such as Amazon are said to be getting involved.

This is a growing form of marketing and if your target market are the people in an influencers audience this is a perfect way to increase brand awareness and also sales for your products. With their large audiences an influencer is the perfect way to increase the awareness of your brand.

Professional Live Video

We are all aware that video content is the big thing in content creation, but live video seems to be on the rise. Live videos on Facebook are watched for at least three times as long as any other form of video on Facebook. The great addition to Facebook Live is that you can save these videos to your feed so people can go back and watch them.

Facebook is not the only platform who have the addition of Live Video – Instagram, Twitter and Youtube all have the capabilities to support Live Video. However, as this trend is increasing the casual Live Video on a shaky phone isn’t working for all companies. So maybe invest in tripod to hold a phone with good quality video or invest in a camera. Share your tips and tricks or maybe even a live seminar will entice and help your followers. Live Video allows a connection and engagement with your audience that no other form of content can receive, live feedback and questions can be asked, you can create a conversation and a buzz around your Live Video.

Video Content

As we said before, we are sure nobody is surprised by this point, video content is of course still increasing in popularity. Video has taken over social media with 45% of people watching over an hour of video content on Facebook and Twitter a week! This will continue to be a great form of content to engage your customers and get your message across to them.

Video Blogs are quickly following the trend from social media and are starting to replace this typical written form of blogs. Written blogs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon but maybe occasionally mix it up with a video blog. This could be about the same topic but just in video, it is a great way to attract your customers to watch your blog post and visit your website. There are some people who user text-readers online or just prefer to read a blog rather than watch, so make sure you cater for these people. From an SEO point of view a written transcript of this blog is a MUST for the search engines, otherwise this could be seen as a waste of a good opportunity in SEO.


Chatbots for your website are a great tool to keep visitors engaged and answer any pressing questions they may have. If you are visiting websites you have probably noticed the increase in a chat box popping up, you will have noticed one on our website too.

Running a business is time consuming and you can’t monitor your own websites for visitors 24/7 to check if they need any help, this is where Chatbots come in. Usually they are a third party company who you give information to, almost a script and they will help any visitors as much as they can. The aim of this is to keep your visitors engaged and help them along that journey of converting to a customer.

Social Stories

You may see a bit of a theme for 2018 with video, but another form of video and image content are social stories. We first saw the social story introduced with Snapchat, quickly followed by Facebook and Instagram. These are becoming a marketer’s best friend, with the relaxed notion of a story you can interact with your followers, conduct polls or share interesting information, you can even show your followers a little behind the scenes of what your company does.

Instagram alone have over 300 million users using and watching their social stories a day! The potential reach your story can have is unbelievable, with the ability to track hashtags and locations you can show your stories to people who don’t even follow you. You can even post short seminars or infographics to your Instagram page or Facebook from your stories.

2018 is set to be the year of social media and video, don’t get left in 2017 with outdated marketing techniques. These strategies could improve your reach and brand awareness which ultimately will help to improve your campaigns and your knowledge on your target market. If the prospect of all of these strategies look daunting, why not start with just one?

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