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My Experience At WNW Digital

By Keira Howatson 

I wanted to try work experience with WNW Digital as marketing was something that I wanted to pursue a career within. I wanted to explore the world of work and how digital marketing differed from traditional marketing in order to see how much I enjoyed this role. I wanted to know how I would fit into the role and whether I would be happy to engage in it.

SEO and Email Marketing

I was initially introduced to the friendly team at WNW Digital (which was good considering I was so nervous!) and I knew that they’d be around to help me if I got at all stuck during the week. I began conducting some research into a website that the team were looking at so that in the weekly meeting, I would have an idea about the client. I soon had a list of jobs to do and I was excited to get started. I was already off learning about the art to successful digital marketing. placeholderI was asked to begin with an analysis of web design sites and SEO sites within the Exeter area and see what features their websites had that I liked and were effective. As well as working with Ben in order to discover options for the company to take in order to manage their clients in the most efficient way. I continued this for the second day in order to try and complete them to the highest standard.

Client Meetings

I began by sitting in on a client meeting in which we discussed their website and how it was put together. I learnt a lot about WordPress and how the software works. I learnt more about key terms and how important it is to be able to promote individual products when necessary but finding methods to advertise grouped items also. Shipping and couponing online were also topics of conversation and what are the easiest ways of doing this. After this, I wanted to look into blogging and how I would go about writing this one before another client meeting in the afternoon.

woman writing internet marketing concept keywords

This was similar to the first meeting and how the company can operate their website in-house in the best way. We spoke more in detail about email marketing and what the best tips were for engaging visitors to leave an email address in order for us to then promote to them over again. I learnt a lot about bounce rates and how they shouldn’t always be looked at in a negative way as a visitor may look at the site briefly but then they may call the company rather than contact them online. We also talked somewhat about plug-ins and cookies as well as how to manage them.

Blogging and Reporting

I began by having a meeting with Ben and Nigel about the email marketing websites and how they would be effective for the company. We discussed Sharpspring and Hubspot and the best features of each before doing an online comparison. We concluded that until any contact was made and we knew the price and what’s included with the package from both companies, we wouldn’t be able to make an informed decision. Friday afternoon I spent working with Camilla and Ben, where we looked into Google Adwords and Facebook advertising and the different elements within Pay Per Click.

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