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Fast Marketing methods to complement your SEO this Christmas

Search engine optimisation is by no means a quick method of digital marketing, it can take months to see results. Leading up to Christmas you want to see results almost immediately. Therefore, maybe it is time to add in a slightly different approach for this time of year, which will in turn complement your SEO. In this blog post we’ll take a look at a couple of options for making the most of the increase in online shopping that Christmas brings.

Google Adwords

Using Google Adwords is a definite way to get your business seen by your target audience. Your ad will appear when a similar keyword to your product/service is searched into google, allowing the consumers to click your ad to the landing pages.

The best thing about PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing is that you can accurately measure your results and ROI. The instant boost in website traffic from PPC can be tracked and monitored. This is a great way to get your target audience to see your business whilst boosting traffic to your website with the people you want to be visiting.

Although the official line from Google is that PPC doesn’t improve your Google rankings, we’ve found that PPC campaigns do result in increased Organic rankings for many of our clients. The data gathered during a PPC campaign can also be very valuable in improving your SEO, such as the top keywords for PPC conversions and the usefulness of a landing page.

PPC gives your website the added exposure which is key to a successful marketing campaign this season. Google Adwords is a great way of getting your products or services in front of Christmas shoppers, however, we recommend running a trial campaign in November. This would be to test the success of key-phrases and landing pages, don’t just jump straight into the December Christmas traffic without giving yourself time to refine your ads.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook adverts and social media is a great tool for this time of year. People can view it on the go or while they’re in the Christmas spirit, they don’t necessarily have to be looking for that product but it can spark the idea.  It is a great way to increase brand awareness to consumers in your target market, which in turn can increase your website traffic.

Facebook allows you to refine your target market with the excellent demographic and location targeting. For example – If you sell coats in London and have a target market of women aged 18-30, then you can target only women, aged 18-30, who live in London with interests in fashion magazines, fashion, makeup. You can narrow your market down to only the people that you want to target this Christmas.

The analytics available for social media and Facebook ads allow you to effectively track ROI, and see what kind of ads and posts are people responding to better. Social media is a great platform to start conversion with consumers and encourage content sharing, which will in turn boost both brand awareness and conversions.

Facebook ads and an active Social Media channel are excellent additions to your SEO too, the engagement and activity on both your Social channel and links and clicks through to your website can really assist with your success on Google.

Email Marketing

Email Campaigns are so important at this time of the year, it is prime time for offers and important news. This allows you to target existing or previous customers with offers or any important new products/services. It is a way to remind the customers about your business and what you can offer, and gives you the opportunity to entice them back to your business with a Christmas promotion.

Linking to your website and product pages can allow the perfect opportunity for conversions from these customers. This in turn will boost the traffic coming to your website but they will be coming to your website with a purpose, they know what you offer and have had experience with your service before.

A general increase in traffic and engagement to your website will positively affect your SEO but also, they will be more likely to convert into customers if they have previously bought with you. You are building a connection with these customers which can potentially lead to you retaining them as a loyal customer in the future.

SEO is extremely important to maintain and improve all year round, but at Christmas we all want that added boost in marketing. Why not have a boost in marketing but also complement your SEO work that you are already working on.

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