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Why Your Landing Page Could Be Key To Your Online Advertising Success

It’s easy to forget about the effect of your landing page when creating an online advertising campaign, because all your focus goes into the advert itself and the results it is getting.

Sure, if you’ve created an advert on Facebook focusing on website clicks and you’re getting lots of people clicking on your website, you kind of think that it’s job done.

However, you may find that your advert is getting lots of traffic to your website, but you are still yet to turn any of your visitors into paying customers and you end up asking yourself the question ‘What more can I do?’

If the problem isn’t within your advert, it could be the landing page.

Firstly let’s start with what a landing page is. A landing page is the entry point for a visitor that has come from somewhere else, like another website or in this case an advert and is taken to a specific page.

So if you were looking to buy Batman pyjamas (I’m guilty of this) and you saw a link to that product on Facebook, clicking on the link would take you to a specific page that would hopefully give you the chance to buy Batman pyjamas.

However there are many factors that can force your visitor to click away from your website, because of the landing page.

Your landing page has to be clearly structured, too much text can scare off customers because they get bored of reading large amounts of information. If you want someone to buy your product, you have to follow these tips:

  • Attention – Eye catching image, grabs the attention of visitor.
  • Interest – Engaging title peaks their interest.
  • Desire – Information about the product to show that this is what they are looking for.
  • Enthusiasm – Why they should buy this product and why it will benefit them.
  • Action – Get them to press Call To Action. Change your visitor into a Customer.

landing page

As you can see above, this is a great example of a good  section of a landing page.

You need to avoid making your landing page generic pages such as your homepage, or a sign up page because your potential customer will not want to spend their time trying to find what they are looking for if the advert they have clicked through doesn’t take them straight to waht they want.

So if you’re wasting money with online advertising campaigns because you aren’t getting any conversions, consider your landing page, put yourself in the shoes of your visitor and ask yourself whether you would want to buy from the page you have landed on, because it could be the key to you having a successful advertising campaign for your business.

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Ben Wiltshire

Ben is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites, while also creating and managing your Facebook advertising campaigns. You can follow Ben on Twitter @BenWNWDigital or alternatively email him at

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