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What Is Google Analytics? Why Should I Track My Website?

Your website is an important tool for your business, but do you know how effective your website actually is? Google Analytics is a free program that will provide you with all sorts of weird and wonderful statistics. Simply sign up online and get your developer to add a snippet of code to the back end of your website and your stats will start collecting. The insights that Google Analytics provide can help identify improvements to be made on your website whilst identifying what marketing strategies are working efficiently. Here we explore some of our favourite stats and data that google analytics can reveal.

How many people are visiting your website?

Pick a date range and analytics will tell you exactly how many people visited your website between those dates.

What sources directed traffic to your website?

Consider the different ways in which people might come across your website; organic traffic, social media traffic, direct traffic, paid traffic etc. Which of these is more successful? Again, analytics can tell you how many people from each of these sources visited your website.

Which pages of your website are people most interested in?

Yes, analytics will give you stats on every single page on your website. Is one of your services a lot more popular than others, perhaps one blog entry has been viewed hundreds of times more. This is a great indication to what your prospective audience want to see.

What pages are causing people to leave the website?

Do some of your pages have a higher exit rate than others? This could be a good indication that something is going wrong on this page. If one of your pages has a considerably high exit rate that is causing people to leave your website altogether it might be worth checking that this page is working correctly, does it provide enough information and so on?

Which of your online campaigns are resulting in conversions?

You will need to make sure that your campaigns have been set up appropriately so that they can be tracked in analytics, however once you have done this you can get really good information, you can see which of your campaigns are resulting in the most conversions. Your conversions could be an online sale or something like an email sign up or form submission. Knowing which of your campaigns is resulting in the most conversions can help you better plan your marketing strategies in the future. Take a look at googles guidance for setting up conversional and goal tracking.

Who is engaging with your website?

Have you ever wondered whether your business is more popular with males or females, or where in the world are those interested in your website. Google analytics will also provide you with detailed information, including gender, age, interest, location and so on.

Of course, this is just an introduction into some of the information that Google tracking can reveal, there really is a lot for you to get to grips with. Getting your analytics set up and working efficiently can be a little tricky, particularly if you want to get more sophisticated data. If you need any help or guidance, then contact WNW Digital today.

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