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#Are #Hashtags #a #Waste #of #Time?

23 million of Twitter’s monthly active users are bots, which are technically not active accounts. As a result of this, many notifications that your profile receives are not genuine, meaning that your reach is not as great as you may have originally thought. Advice from Ryan McCready at Vennage, suggests scrapping the hashtags to avoid receiving these false notifications.

McCready explains that spammers pollute certain hashtags with harmful links, or even just empty likes and shares – empty meaning sharing to zero followers, resulting in limited to no reach. It was found that only 35.5% of Twitter accounts that posted, liked and shared posts under certain hashtags were real (i.e. with an “organic following, sharing and liking habits”). From this, McCready is suggesting that using hashtags in your tweets could be detrimental to your campaigns. This said there is still a chance that you would reach a number of real active users by using hashtags, but it is important to ensure that you use Twitter to generate “conversations that leads to connections, not just notifications”.

The infographic below demonstrates McCready’s findings further:

Infographics: Hashtag Spam

Hashtag Spam | Infographics


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