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Less is More – Top Content Production Advice

Overloading your social media and blogs with copious numbers of articles and posts will just become white noise to your audience. As a result, any key messages that you specifically want your target market to see will just be ignored. It is important for businesses to remember the classic phrase “quality over quantity”, so that this white noise problem can be avoided.

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There are some media companies, such as Buzzfeed, that pump out hundreds of articles a day to increase traffic to their site, and increase their sales on advertising space. For these companies, it works, and Buzzfeed’s ever-growing popularity is testament to that. However if you, as a small or medium local business were to attempt to follow suit, you just will not progress in the same way.

Rand Fishkin from the Moz Blog suggests businesses should create uniquely valuable content. This content is ‘one of a kind’, ‘relevant’, and ‘helpful’, as well as being ‘uniquely valuable’ whilst providing a ‘great user experience’. So as long as your content is genuinely unique and helps out the audience in some way, by providing an answer or solution perhaps, you are on the right track. With this criteria set for your articles and posts, you are more likely to spark interest with your audience.

TIP: The best way to promote your services/products is to promote the benefit rather than the feature because this can provide a more emotional connection with the target market.

Ultimately, shares are the best thing for you and your business as it pushes out your brand further than you are able to do alone, so an increase in interest creates a higher chance for shares from your audience.

It should be stressed that this article is not here to say that less content means less time can be spent on your content though; what you put out online should be of consistently high quality so as to upkeep your brand’s image. Uniquely valuable content takes time, and should be well thought out. Again, we are back to quality over quantity!


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