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Need Help? You Might Want to Consider Outsourcing

Need Help? You Might Want to Consider Outsourcing By Merle,

Running your own online business can take a lot of your time. You have to wear many hats and perform many tasks: including accounting, web design,marketing and promotion. This is not to mention constantly coming up with new content for your site or to distribute it in article format for frëe publicity.
There are only so many hours in the day and to be honest, one person can only do so much. So what’s the answer? I have one word for you: “outsourcing.” This is where you hire someone else to perform a specific job or task for you. Outsourcing frees up time you can spend on more valuable aspects of your web business.

So what kinds of things might you want to farm out? Great question! Customer service can take up a lot of time; answering emails, dealing with technical problems or billing issues. Imagine the freedom of assigning those aspects of your business to someone else. If you want to offer live customer support on your website, there are companies that will serve up 24/7 live operators to answer any questïons your site visitors may have when you can’t be around to answer them yourself.
How about software creation? If this is the field you’re in or one you’d like to enter but aren’t a programmer yourself, you can hire top notch techies to write the stuff for you. Some will work for pennies on the dollar. Imagine having a top notch software package you can own and sell — and keep all the profïts.

How are your writing skills? An online entrepreneur need ads, articles, press releases and other written items to promote the business. And if you’d like to offer frëe or paid ebooks and reports, you’ll need to be a pretty good writer. So what if you didn’t pay attention in English class? Hire someone to do it for you. There are plenty of talented writers online who are looking daily for assignments such as this. When the work is done it bears your name on the finished product.

Running marketing and ad campaigns such as Pay-Per-Click advertising can take up a ton of time, with all that testing and tracking. Again, this is another area you can farm out.
Ever have an idea for a new website but nevër took the time to research it? This happens to many busy entrepreneurs. So many projects, so little time. Research is another area you may want to consider letting someone else do for you.

So now that you know how outsourcing can help you to become more productive, where do you find people to hire? Fortunately, there are plenty of sites that exist for you to post your job needs — and plenty of hungry freelancers who will come to bid on your jobs. This works especially well for those on a budget who have a firm idea of what they can afford to spend.

Let’s examine a few of your options:
1) RentACoder:
Review resumes and work histories of over 96,577 registered coders. Post your needs, and coders will email you their bids. Posting a job request is frëe and you are under no obligatïon to accept any bids unless you decide to. When you accept a bid, the monëy is put into escrow and not released to the programmer until the job is finished.
2) Elance:
Outsource your small projects such as graphic design, logos, web development, writing and more. Select a category and describe your project. You’ll need to authenticate yourself by inputting a credït card. There is no chargë to post a job in the “basic level” but there is a refundable fee to post in the “select level.” You’ll receive bids on your job and then select a winnër.
3) Smarter Work:
Post your project in one or more of many categories to choose from, such as administrative support, graphic design, translation, research, software and more. They have over 70,000 clients and service providers from over 170 countries. It’s frëe to register.
4) PHP Career:
If you have a PHP related job then this is where you’ll want to post it. Frëe of charge to post your job needs, but donations are appreciated.
5) Guru:
Frëe access to over 451,000 professionals with over 160 categories to choose from. Post in website design, graphic design, photography, writing and programming and more. Fee is 5 to 10% of project fee which is deducted from the final payment. You’ll receive quotes and be able to select the applicant of your choice.
6) WorkAHolics4Hire:
With this service you’ll be assigned your very own “project manager.” You get to see the work in progress and review it to make sure it meets your needs. You’ll need to contact them for a frëe assessment of your needs.
7) FreeLanceWorkExchange:
Post a project for a wide variety of jobs and get responses from qualified work-at-home pros. Post all the jobs you want with no transaction fees. You may have your listing placed higher for a fee of $20.00. Categories range from writing, web design, Internet research, data entry, programming, and graphic design.
8) :
If you need a writer, this is the place to look. Provides companies with a handful of frëe tools to locate freelancers. They also offer industry news, job opportunities, editorial content, and networking opportunities.

When posting your job on one of these sites you’ll want to make sure you give very specific detailed instructions as to your project needs. If you’re vague, you may get applicants who can’t do the job or who don’t meet your qualifications.
Many small businesses are outsourcing their needs in order to keep up with the many tasks and challenges they face as online entrepreneurs. If you find you can’t keep pace with your many online tasks, you may want to consider it as an option.

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