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What is the New Google Beacon & How Would it Benefit Your Business?

Google are introducing a new device that will benefit businesses with a physical location, such as a shop front or an office building.

What is a Google Beacon?

A Google Beacon is a small battery powered device that sends one way signals, these are readable by nearby Bluetooth low energy devices, such as smartphones and tablet.

The signals emitted from the Beacon give an accurate location of where the beacon is located, this means that it can track when people are in that specific location because their device connects. Apps can then read these signals and perform the appropriate action.

When your device is within the correct proximity of the Beacon it can receive information, or send information –  this might take the form of simply informing the Beacon that the person has arrived at the location, or possibly displaying some special offers from the Beacon to your phone.

How will this benefit my business?

The Google Beacons can be used to mark a physical location, you can mark a small location, so that means you can track a conversion from a specific Google AdWords campaign.

If you had an AdWords campaign for a certain product, the Beacon can be placed in that products location (right down to a specific shopping aisle) and will know if somebody who has seen that ad on their phone goes to the location of the product.

This means that there is another goal that can be tracked for conversions in a physical way. You can track the conversions of how many people came to your shop after seeing your ad online, so it is another way to see the effectiveness of your ad.

You will be able to see exactly how many people came to your shop after seeing your ad on their mobile because the Beacon will connect with that same device creating a conversion for that person.

This in turn means you can measure actual ROI from campaigns targeting physical real-world locations.

Your Google business listings will also benefit from a beacon, the Google Beacon can track popular times for people to visit your shop or company, give customers the opportunity to upload photos and reviews straight from their mobiles.

This will help improve the quality of information available to your customers within your business listing. Promotions and information can be broadcasted to all receptive devices within the proximity of the Beacon. These can be set up to alert them on your business listing when they are within range of your location.

This could mean that people who weren’t intending on using your business see the offer or event and then as a result visit the shop. Special offers or big events that your company is having presently or in the future can be sent directly to your customers phones when they are in your shop.

How does the Beacon benefit the customer?

A new ease for customers is also provided, people can order things directly to that Beacon because of the precise location, for example if a restaurant put a beacon on each table then people could order directly from their phone.

This is likely to increase sales and therefore the profit for your company. The precise location means that indoor navigation is possible, navigating round an airport or a shopping centre would be available on phones or tablets with the use of Beacons.

At the moment, the Google Beacon is in a Beta period so all costs of the Beacon and installing the Beacon are covered by Google. As a result of the Beacon being in beta period we have not had a chance to see exactly how the Google beacon works, we only know what it has been designed to do and the function it has been intended for – we’ve applied for a Beacon on a few of the client accounts we manage and are looking forward to trying this new piece of hardware.

If you need any advice or guidance on this topic, or you’re interested in looking into Google Beacon to benefit your Adwords or general Google visibility feel free to contact WNW Digital and we will do our best to help you.


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I just put the beacon in and was wondering if Google can refrain from sending out follow up to my customers as I already have a follow up text going out and hate to see the customer overwhelmed with follow up texts, etc.

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