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Proximity Marketing: What Is It and How Can You Get Started?

There are new forms of online and digital marketing being introduced all of the time into this market, but very few actually take off. Proximity marketing seems to be an exception of this and is something that your physical store should be considering for 2018.

What Is It?

Proximity marketing has been around for decades, but it has only been in the last few years that this method has been refined and become more precise.

The main point of this marketing tool is to use a location to target your ads; this means that the people who are in or pass through this location will be able to see your ads. Proximity marketing uses the GPS data from mobiles and similar devices for a user’s precise location, and if a user is in the selected location, they will receive a targeted ad.

Recently the Google Eddystone has been created, and this triggers web pages and URL’s to show the targeted ads to Android users, whereas previously users needed to have a specific app to receive the ads.

Why Should You Be Using This?

Proximity marketing holds a lot of benefits for physical stores over some of the more traditional digital marketing methods.

This method can actually target people who have their mobile data turned off which is something that other digital ads cannot do.

The ads are shown only to people who are in a small radius around the physical location which is much more targeted than any other ad form can be. This means that they will be more likely to visit the location and convert into a customer.

Privacy has been a major concern in 2018, with the Facebook data scandals being some of the big headlines this year it is no surprise that consumers are more conscious than ever.  Proximity marketing actually gives users the least to worry about because it doesn’t use any identifiable, personal data and is more compliant with the laws and regulations globally.

How To Get Started

There are two main methods your business can use to get started in using proximity marketing. You can either buy a beacon from an online retailer or use a proximity marketing company to manage this service for you.

A proximity marketing company will manage the functionality of your proximity beacon and ensure that it is secure at all times. They will also help to manage any integrations that you may need with other marketing platforms that you currently use. You are still able to create your own campaign to direct your ads too.

Your other option is to buy a beacon from an online retailer such as Amazon. These are widely available to buy and can sometimes be cheaper than using a marketing company. However, you will need a developer to set up the required software and also to make the process secure.

This option does allow you to really personalise your system and also the ads that appear for your store.

One of the popular proximity marketing devices in the Google Beacon. We have previously written a blog post about this device and the benefits it can hold for you and your customers; you can read this blog here.

So, if you’ve never heard of proximity marketing before and you own a physical store, we would definitely recommend looking into this option a little more. This could even work on an exhibition stand or in your office block to encourage people to come over and talk about what services you have to offer.

If you want advice on this system or want to know more about digital marketing methods which would suit your business, please get in touch. We will be happy to talk through some options with you.

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