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Why having a quick website is important and how Google helps you test this

As you will have read in previous blogs your website is a critical marketing tool for your business and it is highly important that is functioning as well as it could be to ensure that you secure those all important sales. A slow running website can often mean that you lose traffic and therefore prospective sales. Here we identify two huge reasons why a quick website really is crucial.

quick website

Your Customers Could Abandon Your Website
Most people will expect a quick website with a web page loading within 2 seconds. The longer your website takes to load the higher the chance that your prospective customer will exit your website and look for another website offering a similar product or service. This will mean that your website will have a fairly high bounce rate, simply meaning people are leaving your website often before they have even had a look around. With customers abandoning your website your conversion rate is going to be considerably lower

Your SEO Ranking Could Be Affected
SEO Ranking (search engine optimisation) is a combination of strategies that affect where your website will rank when someone carries out a related keyword search. Obviously the better the rankings the more traffic your website will receive. Websites that list on page 1 of google searches will get a lot more traffic than websites on page 4 and YES, the speed of your website will affect how google views your website and therefore your rankings.

Remember, google wants to be seen as providing a useful service to its users, therefore, when someone carries out a google search, google will want to show the user with the best possible website option first. If your website is running slow compared to a competitor’s website this could affect whether you list before or after them!

Especially if you have spent a lot of time working on other SEO strategies like blog content and filling out meta tags, it would be a shame to let your page speed affect your ranking.

Now how on earth do you find out if your website is performing quickly or not? Luckily enough, our friends at Google have created an easy to use checker, simply copy and paste your URL on the webpage found here and wait for google to analyse your website.

If your website speed results suggest that speed is slow it could be down to some of the following reasons:

  • Poor server performance
  • Large images on web pages
  • Messy code
  • Too many file requests
  • Too Many Plugins

Just remember the quicker the website the higher your customer satisfaction is likely to be and the more likely you are to achieve a sale. If you need any assistance in improving the speed of your website, then please do no hesitate to contact one of our friendly team who will be willing to advise on the best strategies to start with.

PS, google analytics can also provide some interesting stats about the load time of each of your webpages, so it is worth checking this out too! You can find out more about google analytics here. 

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