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SEO Strategies

We all want to appear at the top of google when a customer searching for our industry, but a lot of people don’t where to start. The answer is SEO; Search Engine Optimisation, this is what will help your website to appear highly on google for the search terms that you want to list for. We have some tips and strategies you should take into consideration when completing your SEO.

Identify your issues

Here at WNW we do what we like to call an SEO Health Check. Basically, you need to identify the problems that your website may have, this can include no meta descriptions on certain pages, multiple H1 tags on a page or not having SEO friendly URL’s on all of your pages. Creating and working through a checklist is a great way to ensure you don’t miss anything off of your list.

Once you have completed the check of your website you then need to address these problems, we like to prioritise the issues when we do this. Often knowing what needs to happen first only comes with experience but in the end, all of these issues will need to be fixed.


Knowing your competition is so important because if you are trying to list for a keyword and the top 5 results are huge industry giants it will be extremely difficult to get above these. They will have large budgets and unlimited time for their SEO. If this is the case you can look at listing for some slightly more refined keywords. You need to make sure that these keywords are still being searched for, Google provide a tool for this called Keyword Planner. You can use this to see if people are searching for that term but also get suggestions of similar keywords you could list for. Unfortunately to access this tool you must have an AdWords account.

Using your competitor’s website to better your own is a great tool, you can find out what they have and what you are missing. They have a blog but you don’t, why not add a blog to your website or an FAQ page. Keep up to date with all the best content and pages to have on your website. Looking at the keywords your competitors are listing for will also help you understand you market, but don’t always focus on listing for the same keywords. You can often benefit from trying to find keywords that people are searching for but your competitors haven’t found.


The content on your website could easily be the most important thing for your SEO. Google likes to see regular, unique content that is relevant to your business and to your customers. The perfect way to get this into your website is a blog! Here you can update regularly with unique content and it keeps google happy.

Content on all the pages of your website is important for both search engines and the user, search engines can’t read images so large images are no good when it comes to content. Each page needs unique content relating to that page, this will help users and search engines understand what that page is about. Content is meant for the user so write content and have pages that your users would want to read. For example, if you’re a wooden furniture company you could have a page on how best to clean or protect wood.

Link Building

The relationship between SEO, Google and links has been a rocky one. Google has now become a lot stricter with the links they want to see from websites in order to prevent people taking advantage – they need to be from high quality, reliable sources. Google still consider links a good judge of content and reliable, however they need to be non-paid and relevant to your content. The opposite can be very harmful to your SEO if Google issues a penalty.

The best ways to build links that are good and reputable is through creating good content. People will naturally share great, engaging content, therefore creating a link to your site. A blog is a great way to build this content and makes it easy for people to share. Interesting, newsworthy content encourages sharing and sharing on social media.

SEO is such an important part of your digital marketing and integral to being found on google. However, there are so many complexities to SEO that we do not recommend altering technical aspects of your website if you are unsure about the impacts or have little knowledge in SEO. There are plenty of people who will be happy to help who are professionals in SEO. If you have any questions regarding your SEO, feel free to contact us.

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