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Why Should Small Businesses Use Facebook Ads?

Social media has become a phenomenal tool for reaching a vast audience, if your business does not have a presence on the likes of Facebook then you are missing out on a lot of potential business. Having said that unless your audience are aware that your Facebook page exists then it probably isn’t going to be doing a whole lot of good. Facebook however have very cleverly devised Facebook Advertising, a paid advertising system that allows you to reach a large amount of people for a rarely reasonable fee.

So why should your business use Facebook adverts?

  • Facebook adverts allow you to target a specific audience due to the crazy amount of personal information that Facebook hold about us. Most businesses will have a fairly good idea of who their target audience is likely to be. For example, if you sell wedding dresses you are going to want to target those people that are engaged. Facebook advertising is very sophisticated, when setting up your advert you will be able to select exactly who you want to see your advert. So continuing using the example of the wedding dress business you would want to select, females, likely to be aged over 21 and who have stated that they are engaged on Facebook. Therefore, Facebook advertising is great for getting your brand out there to an audience that is likely to engage.
  • Facebook adverts are also fairly affordable and therefore it makes for a low cost form of marketing. For as little as five pound a day Facebook will allow you to direct a lot of traffic to your website. Of course your audience size will vary depending on the audience that you chose when defining your target audience. Therefore, if you have a particularly low CPC you could drive over 100 new users…100 new business prospects to your website. In comparison to other forms of marketing, for small businesses Facebook advertising is therefore more likely to be cost effective. Some of the Facebook options allow you to spend as a little as one pound a day, therefore it is important to consider what you want to achieve as Facebook Web Traffic is more expensive than just promoting your Facebook page.
  • Facebook adverts also offer you a great flexibility, for example you can decide if you want to drive traffic to the website, increase page likes, encourage people to download your app, fill in a form for lead generation and so on. Facebook offers great opportunity for your business to get your audience to do exactly what your business needs.
  • Many businesses hate spending money especially if they don’t know where it is going or whether the money they are spending is having a positive impact on their sales. Facebook adverts offers sophisticated reporting allowing you to see exactly how many people have engaged with your ads, whether they were male or female, what age they were and so on. Facebook also offers a conversion pixel, as long as you have someone that can install a little bit of code on your website. When Facebook advertising you will want to decide what you deem as successful results. For example, you might want to track if your ads are resulting in people filling a form out on your website and so on. You can also track the success of your ads within Google Analytics. Overall you are really able to get a good idea on your ROI when using Facebook adverts.

If you are interested in Facebook advertising for your business then get in touch with WNW Digital Today and find out how we can help you!

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