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Western Tydens Spark Arresters And Exhaust Cleaners

WNW Design Has recently been employed to help improve the search ening positioning for the Western Tyden website.

Western Tydens specialise in spark arresters which are designed specifically for preventing the risk of fire due to the ignition of flammable materials, caused by spark emissions from the exhausts of internal combustion engines.

They are also the sole UK distributors of Engine Control Systems range of industrial and off road Catalytic Cleaners and Particulate Filters (otherwise known as exhaust cleaners).

Western Tydens have had a site for a little while now, but the site has never undergone any sort of search engine optimisation work.

Hopefully, over the following weeks and months we will start to see their site featuring more highly for such terms as spark arresters, ctatlytic cleaners, particulate filters and exhaust cleaners.

If you would like to check out he Western Tydens website, click here.

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