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Why is Call Tracking So Essential?

You might think call tracking is expensive, or the code installation looks tricky, or perhaps you weren’t even aware that dynamic website call tracking exists. Whatever your reasons for not doing call tracking, we can guarantee you should be doing it if you have a phone number on your website!

(And on a separate note, if you don’t have a phone number on your website we’d suggest that you’re missing a valuable trust signal that will encourage more customer sales/enquiries.)

Dynamic call tracking involves placing code on your site which shows each website visit a unique phone number. This allows the tracking system to tell you exactly which called came from which marketing source, what they did on the website before calling, etc. So why is this so crucial?


It all comes down to this! If you’re not tracking website calls, how do you know which of your marketing sources are generating enquiries? You can ask customers of course, but they will often not know which marketing source they clicked, whether it was your paid or organic Google result, whether they actually saw a clicked a Facebook ad last week and then your company were in their mind so they returned via Google. The only way you know for 100% sure where each and every one of your calls came from is through dynamic call tracking.

Then, because the calls are recorded, you can listen to each and establish the quality of the call. You’ll be able to track each call to a sale, or not, depending. Then in your monthly stats you’ll be able to report each marketing source and its actual revenue generated. If you don’t have this, you really have no idea how your marketing is working and whether you are throwing your marketing money away or not.

Specific Keyword or Ad Performance

Call tracking allows you not only to see that someone from your ‘Google Ads’ gave you a call, but it will tell you precisely what that person searched for in Google and then which of your ads they saw and clicked. This gives you massively valuable information on which of your ads or keywords are generating enquiries and which are not working.

You then have the data you need to improve and refine campaigns to bring in maximum ROI, without this you are simply guessing at which ads and keywords to put budget into and which not.

This information uncovered pre, during and post call can also feed directly into your Google Analytics account as well as Google Ads, allowing you to view phone calls as conversions and take the required action going forward.

Mobile Usage

You might think that you don’t get enough calls to justify call tracking, but we’d argue that with the rise in use of mobiles on the internet then you’re going to be able to justify it very soon, if not already. You will absolutely want to cater for this market by ensuring you offer phone numbers and make it as easy as possible for mobile users to call.

You might also find that the low level of calls you think you are getting is actually higher than you think – we often place tracking for clients and then surprise them with the findings. Your impression of customer enquiries is not solid data, so you should always aim to know for sure.

Sales Improvements & Answer Rates

We’ve found that one side effect we didn’t necessarily anticipate from call tracking is the ability to monitor calls and actually improve staff performance on these calls.

Listening to the occasional call to keep track of your team and ensure they are confident answering the phone and talking to customers is a great idea. If you’re bringing in legitimate enquiries but then losing them at the call, you need to know and do something about this.

Equally, you can track down issues such as phones not being answered, or answerphones not engaging. Call tracking systems will show you pickup rates and you can straight away see when there are problems that are preventing calls getting through.

So whether it’s working out the actual return on spend, ensuring you’re not wasting marketing money or tracking your call answering performance, there are a great many vital reasons you need dynamic call tracking on your site!

If you or your team are interested in call tracking for your business, call one of our experts today.

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